5 years since the last release, the new 432hz Player and Powerliminals Player software 2.0 are now ready! For Windows (Win 7 SP1 or later, x64 or x86) and Linux (all distros), with MacOS coming soon.

What is the 432hz Player?

Most music is recorded in 440hz. Many people claim that 432hz resonates more with the heart whereas 440hz resonates more with the brain, and that 432hz music feels better. Try it yourself. Play a music in 440hz and in 432hz, and see which one you prefer. Most people choose the 432hz version, and it’s hard to go back to 440hz.

Download the 432hz Player here

What is the Powerliminals Player?

It plays Powerliminal audios, which are nearly-silent audios containing very high-frequency energies to play in the background. You can stack 10 to 30 audios at varying speeds to play in the background day and night, selecting the balance of energies that you need.

The Powerliminals pack is available for purchase here. I have it running 24/7 on my computer and is one of my strong lines of energetic defense. Someone described the Powerliminals as “ascension hubs”.

Note about the energetic infections. Crystals and grounding resources have been very unstable due to energetic corruptions. “Some” crystals are now fine to use, but overall it remains unstable. As for the Powerliminals pack, some of the audios are still infected, but overall, they’re 90% stable, and most audios can be used safely, although it can vary from day to day. You need to use your intuition as to which energies are safe to use for that day.

Download the Powerliminals Player here

These two software use a player and pitch/speed shifting algorithm that is very CPU-efficient and provides excellent audio quality. I can play 25 audios simultaneously at various speeds with less than 3% CPU usage.

Next, I’ll release the MacOS packages, then release the Yang YouTube Downloader, an utility to download YouTube videos with the best quality possible and without re-encoding. There’s also the Audio Video Muxer that should be fairly easy to port, that can separate audios from videos, or merge audios and videos together, without re-encoding.

Then are the 2 “big boys” that were last released in 2017.

The Natural Grounding Player facilitates grounding sessions by playing high-frequency videos in the right sequence. The YouTube download feature is broken in the last version.

As for Natural Grounding itself, a lot of grounding videos are corrupted or infected. Alizée videos have turned bad due to Metatronic inversions because… well… Alizée is a Metatron fragment. We got to be really careful that Natural Grounding doesn’t turn into Infections Grounding. Many people have been grounding into Thoth and Dark Sophia energies, and the Natural Grounding community is in extremely bad shape.

The Yin Media Encoder allows re-encoding videos while significantly enhancing their quality (upscaling, increasing framerate, denoising). It’s a complex piece of engineering, and I wrote some of the best videos processing filters myself.

These two application will take considerable time to rewrite.

For now, the 432hz Player and the Powerliminals Player are pretty powerful beasts to play with!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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