I’ve been under heavy attacks lately, and thus have been unable to work nor follow up with clients. I wanted to give more details about what’s lurking out here. 4 people moved in 4 doors to the right of my house some time ago: a Nega lord and 3 women. 1 is human, 3 are non-humans. They’re here to make sure I can’t work, and to try to neutralize me. They killed the other satanic witches that were causing us problems when they arrived.

Let’s call this Nega lord “Smith”. He’s the one that is dangerous. A few years ago, I was stolen my rings, wallet, camera and a lot of stuff in a parked rental car in Mexico. That was Smith. He’s responsible for a lot of the problems I’ve been having in Mexico over the years.

Smith controls 0.28% of the Multiverse, 0.3% of this Universe, and 2.8% of this planet. He’s part of a larger group that controls 11.5% of the Multiverse and 3.5% of this Universe. The Shaper whom I disintegrated recently was part of that group. Before the disintegration, they had 13.3% control of the Multiverse. A few years ago, they had 18.2% control of the Multiverse. Which means that they’re dwindling down in power, and that they are a genuine threat. They’re aligned with the Negas, whom I talked about lately. The Negas took control of the Secret Space Program from the Germans via timeline forks, and then lost it. They’re not afraid of Galactic Federations.

He has the ability to infiltrate, program and control crystals, so for now, I can’t wear any crystals. He also has the ability to infiltrate and control just about anyone, like Agent Smith.

2 days ago, I went to visit Rion for swimming. They tracked me there and we had to leave ASAP. They pursued us throughout the city the whole day. Trying to poison food, trying to possess people around me, trying to pursue me or intercept me on the road, etc. The waitress at a restaurant looked dizzy like if she wasn’t really there. One man at another store had the exact same look. That’s when Smith goes in.

Today, as I went to buy tacos near my house, a man basically assaulted me. He was infected with the virus, making sure his mask doesn’t cover his mouth to show his distorted teeth, and pinning himself 1 feet from my face to talk and sticking there like glue. That was Smith. Not a possessed person, but a Shapeshifter. Energetically tune into that… that’s what a shapeshifter looks like. That man has 0.5% human DNA. His energetic body followed me back to the house and he tried to enter as usual. I spent a good amount of time to remove his energetic infiltrations on me.

Whenever you disintegrate him, he keeps regenerating. As of right now, he’s 26.4% weakened and lost 50.6% of his ability to regenerate. We’re progressing, but this situation is going to require some time to resolve. They’re training me for the next level. I’m learning a lot during that time. He’s got 156 Galactic Federations across the Multiverse on his back right now, and 12 have made him a high priority target. It’s just a matter of time. Meanwhile, I have to be very careful.

This situation can still last 2-3 months to resolve, and during that time, I can’t work. I can’t take coaching clients for now, and have a list of Soul Alignment Readings to do. If you purchased it and want a refund, I can refund you. Otherwise, it will be done when the time is right. I also accept donations, since I cannot work and don’t have much income during this time. Oh, and my laptop broke down and needs to be replaced. After the Shaper infiltrated it with an energetic virus that eventually blew the motherboard.

Other than donations, you can help by getting Alchemy Rings (or earrings). I also have a few unique pieces not listed on the website like a massive 124ct Green Sapphire necklace casted on silver ($1800), and some special Orion stones only for the right people chosen by the stones ($2500 for a set). If you’re considering working directly with me once the situation stabilizes, I’ll take only up to 5 clients per year at $1500/m, and choose my clients carefully to not get entangled into their karmic path.

All this is lining up right for September, October and November that will be the most intense and deadly, unless something shifts. So yes, I’ve been busy since coming back to Mexico, and sorry if I haven’t been communicating promptly. The situation is fragile but stable. As for Smith, there will be 8% of him left by next year, and he’ll run away to do problems elsewhere. Just need to be patient.

The shadow cannot live in the light, so I wanted to publicly expose what I know so far.

Meanwhile, I’m seeing a lot of other people’s business really growing, and several people are stepping up to take my place. They’re investing a ridiculous portion of their assets to neutralize me. My job is to concentrate as much of their assets on me as possible so that others can do their work. I’m withdrawing myself so that an army of 11000 people takes my place.

Accuracy check: 92.6% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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