A lot of clients are in adjustment phase after the Juggernaut Attunement. Several simply said that they really needed help. Look below for a good share from one of them.

Lately, I’m seeing a lot of Crash & Burn from dark forces. I thought it would get easier as I get several done, but with the energetic collapses and kickback are pretty rough, and people are in worst shape than I (or they) thought. The last 2 took me 5 days each, and the current one isn’t any smoother.

I do want to keep the price reasonable for those who need it, but the reality is, tons of people need the service and my capacity to deliver is limited (still 4 in queue as of writing this). If it takes 5 days of work, $777 is not reasonable. It would have to be at least $997; once I have several testimonials sharing the results. To be fair; I’ve been doing this global work for years without getting paid at all, so if someone pays for chunks of it, that’s a bonus!

I’ll leave the current price for 2 more days, and on the 18th, the price will change to $997.

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Below is one testimonial that came in, and below it, I’ll share my plans for the God & Money Masterclass 2022.

“So in the last two weeks there have been a lot of good things happening for me. It makes sense that the first thing I encountered was a better financial situation given that my inner building was over 90 percent corrupted. In the months before the attunement I had not only been making bad money decisions, but had a bad habit of defining myself by the money I was making. In releasing a great deal of that identification, I became more relaxed in my management of money and a nearly miraculous amount has been flowing in the past two weeks. [$10K doing trading, excluding cryptos]

The greatest general benefit I have found is twofold – a better ability to recognize when I am not-self and also a better ability to stop doing not-self things when I do recognize them! My largest problem before this was probably my inability to make changes that I knew I should make anyways! Some of those changes are being made. As always, there is more work to do, but the path is opened up.

Emotionally, I have been better than ever. About a week after the attunement I had a natural grounding session that was just…crazy…I don’t even know how to describe what I was releasing but it was heart-centered energy and a feeling of universal love I haven’t felt in years. All of my meditations have been better.

Socially, rather than being depressed about how most of my friends are probably just energetic parasites, I have taken a more active approach to figuring out how to make new connections. I think that is a big theme of the whole attunement – contemplation AND action, not just contemplation.

It isn’t like everything is perfect for me now- there were still points where I didn’t follow the juggernaut and paid for it. But I believe it is an invaluable part of my path forward and would highly recommend it for anyone.“

– Ryan (USA)

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Now, for the God & Money Masterclass 2022. I’ll keep focusing on doing Juggernaut Attunements, and once I have 30+ done, I’ll start the God & Money Masterclass campaign. I’ll close it at 50 people max. The previous Masterclass had 54 people registered at a lower price-point, and many will come back just paying for the attunement, so considering the past popularity, and the much-increased need, it can fill up quite fast. At this point it’s my capacity to deliver that’s limited due to extremely intense energetic landscape. The price-point is not yet decided. I first thought of $997 for the Masterclass plus the attunement, but it probably will be $1497 instead. There’s really a lot of work to do on each person.

The last God & Money Masterclass was only half-delivered, and that’s not important. I produced videos for all the core training, and that’s really all that’s needed for now (I haven’t got a single refund request). I’ll re-release the same videos, and perhaps just add a few more videos to complement with updated info and techniques. The real work will be in the group calls and meditations.

I’m also thinking of releasing the videos right-away so that you can go through the videos right now instead of waiting for everything to be ready on my side; and then going through it again together. If I can get that done.

Overall, things are definitely moving forward. Slowly but surely!

As a final note, with the Journey to the World campaign, many of you greatly helped me and my family when we needed it the most. It allowed us to get through the past year and a half. Now that I’m back on my feet and money started flowing again, I’m giving it back. I’m currently donating $300 USD per month to a foundation in Pakistan helping poor children and widow women with education and spiritual teachings. Even $50 makes a HUGE difference for these people. The message I got is that “God will give a chance to those who never had a chance.” I’ll talk more about this academy in Pakistan later.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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