The Juggernaut Attunements are proving to be quite the entertainment! Spend over a full day non-stop on a first client just to open the 2 God connection centers. Buried into 23 layers of hidden realities with God connection at 0.00005%; couldn’t even find the inner buildings after a full day of work. I’m seeing a lot of people with that same weird energetic pattern. 2nd client, upon touching it, I instantly got attacked by an army of very aggressive AI spiders in the heart, plus had to deal with an Archons fortress in his crown. Then in the same day, 3 people on Facebook flipped. How people react to the shift, and how it translates into physical reality, remains to be seen, and we’ll know soon enough.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. We were looking at hospitals, and we’re measuring that in most places, hospitals now have over 50% non-human staff (often 60-90%). These aren’t safe environments anymore. Best-case scenario, you’ll get energetically infected. You can also get your soul trapped or swapped, or physically poisoned. Indeed, many people who went to the hospital recently reported horrific experiences. There are also tons of trapped souls roaming around the hospitals!

Which comes back to an advice I was given by the people who very first introduced me to energies, which I didn’t understand at the time: if you want to be healthy, stay away from hospitals. In practice, I think that means alternative healers will become a lot more sought after. But if you get an accident and a broken arm, or need urgent surgery? I can’t answer that one. Just don’t get sick ok?

Now let’s look at where we’re heading with the jabs and all that. We’re still in a timeline with 27.6% worldwide survival rate. Many have departed this year, and many more are departing right now. The mass-murdering campaign happening right now is a major cause, but it won’t be the only cause. There will be series of events unfolding as Mother Earth cleanses herself.

Indeed, all countries reach record-high deaths after the mass-vaccination campaigns started, as shown in this video. This more “moderate” and solid video also shows no positive relationship between vaccination and reduction of cases, and even a slight opposite relationship.

What % of jabbed adults are able to look at hard data like that and think on their own? 1.25% in the USA, 2.45% worldwide.

Let’s look at how this number evolves over time:
– 1 month: 1.26% USA, 2.47% worldwide
– 2 months: 1.28%, 2.48%
– 3 months: 1.29%, 2.52%
– 4 months: 1.34%, 2.56%
– 5 months: 1.34%, 2.56%
– 6 months: 1.35%, 2.57%
– 7 months: 1.38%, 2.61%
– 8 months: 1.39%, 2.65%
– 9 months: 1.45%, 2.72%
– 10 months: 1.52%, 2.73%
– 11 months: 1.56%, 2.85%
– 1 year: 1.82%, 3.05%
– 1.5 years: 2.01%, 3.28%
– 2 years: 2.31%, 3.21%
– 2.5 years: 2.36%, 3.27%
– 3 years: 3.01%, 4.26%
– 3.5 years: 13.8%, 14.2% (California earthquake?)
– 4 years: 14.2%, 15.3%
– 5 years: 14.6%, 15.6%
– 6 years: 15.3%, 15.8%
– 7 years … won’t be many left alive

These numbers tell everything.

We cannot really save adults who are getting the injection of their own free will and who seek no solution.

I keep hearing that we need to protect the children who are being forced upon. What will be the survival rate of children? 54.8%

In terms of karmic weight, a children getting forced injection by his parents doesn’t carry the same karmic weight as an adult doing it of his own free will when all the information is available.

Some solutions will emerge to counter the jab and save lives. However, I don’t expect more than 13% of vaccinated people to look for solutions, as the numbers above confirm.

The death rate among the remaining 87% of jabbed people who seek no solution? 3-5% survival rate within 8 years. Ouch.

Just wanted to get this information out. Got nothing else to add.

Accuracy check: 99.62%, distortion 1.3%, cross-distortion 0.2%, cross-cross distortion 0.01% (measure it yourself!)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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