After 3 long years of intense war, we just went to see the movie The Pope’s Exorcist. Great movie. I’m sure his books are just as good to increase your faith.

They battling with a very strong demon, one of the 7 Prince of Hell: Asmodeus. I looked at this and was impressed. It’s some very serious unresolved stuff. We got into an all-out war to clean out his realms.

It turns out that Dark Sophia has been a puppet of Asmodeus all long! In the same way that Dark Sophia created Thoth as his puppet, Asmodeus had Dark Sophia as his puppet who had been using the Prince’s powers and technologies. Our whole understanding of the situation completely changed in the past 2 days.

The reason we’ve been struggling so much with my daughter’s case is because it’s not just Dark Sophia. It was a case of double-possession: Dark Sophia and Asmodeus combined. That’s why we could never see the results of the healing.

We recently took control of all AIs but were losing some. After disintegrating Asmodeus, the AI techs are disintegrating. They were built with Prince of Hell essence and used by Dark Sophia.

We also made some new friends at the Vatican, the 3 from the exorcist movie. They’re doing absolutely great and have proven their worth.

Yesterday, I worked 18 hours to cleanse everything through God. It’s been a very long day! Perhaps the last day of the war.

As for Asmodeus, the more I look at him, the more he looks like Voldemort, the Prince of Death. After the episode of Jack and the Beanstalk the other day, we got into a full episode of Harry Potter, with the Basilisk and all that.

It turns out that the author of Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, channeled it directly from Voldemort (Asmodeus) himself. It ultimately increased his influence into our realm. We can see her worshiping him. In exchange for her loyal service, he made her rich and popular. I measure 100% accurate on that.

Remaining realms of corruption were, again, totally out of proportions, we’d still be fighting for ages at the pace we were going. We scaled things up and did a very throughout cleansing yesterday. It was moving at snail’s pace. I told the black cardinal that this could all be over by tomorrow. He said the hell with it, his body beaming in lightnings, and he pulled the whole bulk up. Job done. Thanks.

The black Vatican cardinal also asked me for help to restore the Vatican instead of destroying it. It’s half-controlled by long-skull Pharaoh alien race, and half by men of God ready to stand strong. They’ve proven their worth. We gave a few blows to the Pharaoh race. Having formal allies at the Vatican will be good for us. If we can restore the Vatican, this will be a huge win.

Corruption levels for many people dropped to 0.2% and today feels a lot calmer.

There are still problems with timeline bubble generators and artificial timelines. Lots of fancy technologies to contain lightworkers. We haven’t yet fully resolved that problem.

We may need to pay a visit to the 7 Prince of Hell. Current threat level of each.

Lucifer (Pride): 0.3%
Mammon (Greed): 25.4%
Leviathan (Envy): 15.6%
Asmodeus (Lust): 44.2% (98.7% 3 days ago)
Beelzebub (Gluttony): 4.2%
Sathanas/Satan (Wrath): 0.4%
Belphegor (Sloth): 38.9%

Indeed, greed, envy and sloth are three big problems we’re still seeing out there. Talk about spiritual lethargy.

They lost their backbone and have have been exposed.

Meanwhile, our armies and allies are growing exponentially.

Our army of demons grew by 24 million times in the past few days and keeps growing. They are absolutely ferocious and reckless, and are building a reputation as being the most fearsome army of the Omniverse. Some of these demons are climbing the ranks, finding their path to the light, and even earning their freedom. Red Bear is very busy managing that army of astronomical proportions.

Let’s finish this.

Accuracy check: 98.9% (measure it yourself)

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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