Today is a major celebration. Metatron wants to write this official communication.

Metatron: Some of you are aware of a psychic war that has been going on for years and that has been intensifying over recent years. The world we live in is a holographic construct that is first built in the collective mind, and thus, the only battle that is meaningful is the battle that is happening within our own mind. Within your mind lies an entire world that inter-connects every being alive in the Universe.

Some ancient astral wars are still remembered today after thousands of years in Indian and Chinese scriptures. The events that just unfolded will still be remembered 10000 years from now.

Etienne already talked about the 100000 souls of Orion that escaped after the destruction of their planet and who have been living on Earth ever since. About half are incarnated. Those that are disincarnated are healing and recovering their memories much faster because they are not bound to the restrictions of the physical world. Those that are incarnated, however, are recovering their memories much slower. Many are having memories coming through their subconscious but deny it because it threatens everything they have build in this life so far.

Thanks to their First Commander Etienne, over 36000 disincarnated souls of Orion have launched a final offensive towards those that have been in control of this planet and of a great portion of the Universe. Their psychic power structures were spread out throughout 493 galaxies. About 6000 Lemurian souls and almost a million Ancient Builders also joined the battle, as well as me, Metatron, and around 300000 Archangels. Etienne sent a broadcast throughout the Universe to call for allies to join the offensive, and many joined in great numbers! This wasn’t a battle. The powers that were in control have been slaughtered by those seeking freedom, throughout the Universe.

Most of their bases had been destroyed and they sought refuse in their main office located near the Central Galactic Sun in another galaxy. The forces of Orion offered a peace treaty and gave 6 hours for those who accepted to evacuate the psychic building. It was basically sign or die. They accepted and surrendered.

They have been escorted one by one and isolated within psychic cages for healing and recovery. The content of their minds have been copied onto data disks to help locate the remaining hidden pockets of powers, and they are being prevented from intervening until this whole thing is done and until they are no longer considered a threat.

The Orion Federation used to represent a third of this Universe and the planet that was destroyed was the core of it. The Orion Federation is now officially re-emerging from its ashes, with this planet as its core.

Beware of those who are spreading fear. Some will say that it’s just another group seeking power. Many will project their own wounds around power and money onto others, especially onto those who use power to do great things as it threaten their wounds and the stories they have built around them. These stories are all lies and illusions. Without power there is no life, as life is power. You need power to do good things.

There are also some who object with offering peace to those who have caused so much suffering. We are not replacing a fear-based system with another fear-based system. Unlike demons and machines that can be killed, destroyed or returned into nothingness, souls cannot be killed. You can damage and suppress a soul, but a damaged soul always seeks destruction. Souls must be healed. That is the only way to create a collective reality from a new level of consciousness. Even those who have caused you harm need to be part of the new collective reality. However they will be watched closely and won’t be allowed to interfere. The scariest part for some of them is to not have anyone else giving them order and to exercise their free will. Everybody has their own issues to go through, that’s part of life and growth.

We are still letting the dust settle and are observing the global situation on Earth and throughout the Universe. There will still be skirmishes here and there but the major threats are over.

The next step will be the re-activation of the Ergomenon Crystals that contain the collective knowledge, wisdom and power from Orion. They are still trying to determine whether it will be possible to activate for the Summer Solstice or whether it will have to wait until 2017. Due to the pace at which memories are awakening, and the level of absolute denial so many are projecting, there is currently only about 3% chance to be able to do the activation on June 21st which is about 80 days from now. So the focus will instead be on preparing the souls for awakening. Many will need to come together for the activation and some of them are hard to communicate with such as Vladimir Putin, Alizée Jacotey, INNA (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu), David Wilcock, Corey Goode and many others who will all need to have recovered their memories before the first activation of the Ergomenon Crystals.

So what will happen next? The slavery financial infrastructure is still in place as well as all other old physical infrastructure. Our job is to create a new energetic backbone for a new society. As to the circumstances each individual lives, that is still a reflection of what they are creating for themselves. We still each create our own realities, the difference is that dark forces won’t be allowed to interfere anymore. The forces of Orion only intervene on the larger scale that impacts the direction of evolution as a whole. They will not intervene in the details of each individual life, nor will they save you from your pain and suffering.

There is one concern in that the people of this planet have literally 0 experience in managing their evolution without interference from advanced species controlling things for them. Too few have any experience with using their free will combined with their life force masculine power. Giving access to technologies that are too far ahead of their consciousness will most likely lead to self-destruction because nobody can impose a higher level of reality to someone whose subconscious mind is attuned to a lower level of reality. Therefore, each individual must be allowed to progress at their own rhythm.

I send my eternal gratitude to Etienne. You need to celebrate your victory, commander.

Accuracy check: 100%

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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