Some are starting to ask questions regarding everything I’ve been sharing for over a year, as these things are coming to pass. One thing I said in The History of the Universe is that the psychic war is over. Yet for most, it only appears to be starting. So what’s the deal? Let me bring some clarifications.

The inter-galactic war is over. What we’re entering into isn’t a war, but transitional chaos, as well as a local civil war. The reason I’m always accurate as to what’s coming is because the energetic reality determines what happens physically, and there’s a lag in its manifestation. There is just no way to have a major breakthrough of the scale that is coming without first having a breakdown and destabilization of established social orders.

What is over, specifically? What I shared in the book is that there has been a lingering war in this Universe since 1.2 billion years. It intensified 12300 years ago with the destruction of Orion. It further intensified 6000 years ago with the destruction of the Golden Cities. It further intensified 60 years ago with the Nazis and Dracos working together and creating secret space programs with advanced technologies — along with it came abductions, technological mind control, and a take-over of most governments in the world through a hierarchical system.

There is a local component to this war, and an inter-galactic component to it. As I said, the inter-galactic war is over. The upper layers of the dark power structures have been completely destroyed. The forces of the light are strongly established and organized.

So what are we seeing then?

A civil war. The majority of the population still rejects the new energies because they’re holding onto beliefs and values that are out of alignment with God. Many spiritual people even experience massive challenges because they hold onto a vision of heart-centered love as a personal experience that is separate from God. As I kept repeating, the people don’t know how much power of creation they possess, and they don’t know what they are creating. They will soon know.

Why did Trump get elected? He has a vibration of 36. Much better than -400 for Obama and Hillary. Trump wants to do good things; he just doesn’t know the best way to do it. That’s pretty much where most Americans, Canadians and Europeans are. Trump is the way he is because he’s a reflection of the consciousness of the people. The people created him, not the other way around.

Trump is giving the final shots to the corrupt power structures. That’s all glorious and great, but we won’t avoid the civil war. The Media is accusing Trump of every crime they are committing themselves, and many believe them. Frankly, people don’t know what to believe in anymore, and don’t know what’s going on.

So to keep it simple…

1. The inter-galactic psychic war is over
2. We’re entering a phase of transitional chaos and civil war
3. It is the people — YOU — who has to change for things to get better.


Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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