Over the past few years, I’ve been studying and reading the energy fields of many people, role models and clients. The Alchemy work allowed me to clear up my third eye which allows me to see everything clearly and read anyone’s energy field. Let’s talk about how you can accelerate your growth and get faster results through an energy reading.

The basic idea is this. Every aspect of your being shows up in your energy field. Your energy field doesn’t lie and all the cracks show up there. What does this mean practically? It means an energy reading brings your blind spots to the surface and you know exactly what has been sabotaging your success in any area of your life. Very often, traumas from childhood that you may think were forgotten a long time ago are actually seriously impacting your life right now. Sometimes that can feel like a slap in the face, but in a good way.

When it comes to studying role models, a simple way to evaluate someone’s energy is by reading the sexual polarity energies on a 0-10 Hawkins Scale, where 7.5 = 750. Keep in mind that David Hawkins considered anything above 7 to be enlightened, but we’re setting the bar higher when attuning to role models. Here are two sample readings.

Bob Proctor
Physical Masculine: 7.8, Feminine: None
Emotional Masculine: 7.6, Feminine: 7.2
Spiritual Masculine: 9.6, Feminine: 9.4
Connection to Stillness: 9.3
Egolessness: 9.6

Morning Musume
Physical Feminine: 9.8, Masculine: None
Emotional Feminine: 9.6, Masculine: 9.3
Spiritual Feminine: 9.3, Masculine: 4.6
Connection to Stillness: 9.3
Egolessness: 10

When reading the energy field of clients, however, I instead read how wide the energy expands in your energy field, such as 4 foot or 16 foot. Why? There are 2 reasons. First, By reading your energy on a 0-10 scale, I would come up with numbers like 1, 1.5 or 2 which really doesn’t look good, doesn’t motivate you and doesn’t respect all the progress you’ve already done. Second, if you focus on how far your energy expands, it makes it expand further. If you instead focus inwards on its frequency, it makes it shrink. Focus on expanding your energy and this will allow its frequency to rise.

Here’s a sample energy reading of an anonymous client

In the first chakra, you have deep insecurities and are playing small. Your personality extends 3 foot. Your projected personality extends 2 foot.
In the second chakra, your sexual and creative energies are opened and closed at the same time.
In the third chakra, you have strong inner power but are blinded by your fears. Your self-confidence extends 4 foot. Your ability to resolve conflicts extends 5 foot.
In the fourth chakra, you have a powerful warm heart that lightens up the room. Your self-acceptance extends 3 foot. Your emotional intelligence extends 12 foot.
In the fifth chakra, you think you know where you’re going but you’re seeing a very narrow path. Your communication extends 6 foot.
In the sixth chakra, your grounding to the physical world extends 6 foot.
In the seventh chakra, your connection to stillness extends 4 foot. Your connection to the force of life extends 3 foot.

Polarity Reading
Physical masculine extends 3 foot, feminine none.
Emotional masculine extends 2 foot, feminine 1.2 foot.
Spiritual masculine extends 1.2 foot, feminine 1 foot.

Strengths: Strong inner power, emotional intelligence and heart.
To work on: Healing the insecurities and widening the path and vision.

Now, this is more useful than if I was to read it this way (which is more like a slap than anything else). The reading above contains much more useful information that can guide you as to which action steps you need to take.

Physical Masculine: 1.2
Emotional Masculine: 0.8, Feminine: 0.6
Spiritual Masculine: 0.3, Feminine: 0.2
Connection to Stillness: 0.2
Egolessness: 0.1

The cool thing about role models who are 8 or above in their polarity energies is that you can literally attune to their energy through a picture or video.

Here is a table explaining the scales and comparing my scale with the Hawkins Scale

Hawkins Scale Charland Scale
Frequency Description Personal Purpose Description
20 Shame 1” Shame
50 Apathy 3” Apathy
100 Fear 6” Fear
150 Anger 9” Anger
200 Courage 1’ 8’ Heavy repression
250 Neutrality 2’ 32’ Repression
310 Willingness 3’ 1km Weakness
350 Acceptance 4’ 2km Recovery
400 Reason 6’ 5km Stable
500 Love 8’ 10km Balanced
540 Joy 10’ 20km Strength
600 Peace 16’ 50km Great strength
700 Enlightenment to the sky 100km Expert
800 Enlightenment to the moon Mastery
900 Enlightenment to the cosmos Genius
1000 Enlightenment to the stars Enlightened

If you want to know what you energy field looks like, you can order your energy reading and Energy Tune-Up here.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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