There’s a lot going on right now, and a lot of crazy stories. I arrived in Thailand last week and I’ve been integrating a very different energy which amplified a profound shift in me. I’ll share some of what’s going on to give you an idea of what it is like to live at the next level.

First, business-wise, I finally clarified where I really want to head with all this. Really, I’m here to make a real difference in the world and to empower people into living a greater life. My life purpose or dharma is to guide a specific tribe to achieve something specific with their lives. The connection with that tribe is really like an electric wire, where the current (and communication) either passes or doesn’t. I realized I could intuitively measure to what percentage the current connects through that wire. I help spirit-driven people break old habits and integrate new knowledge to make a real difference in the world. My intuition says the current passes 99.3% with these words. This is a big shift with my business, and this is what will allow me to reach a whole new level. I figured out it would be easier to take people living their purpose and bring them into spirituality, than to take people in spirituality and bring them into action; and the action part is really what leverages the whole transformational process.

Then, I had forgotten 95% of the Thai basics I had, and I learned back conversation-level Thai language in 5 days. After spending 2 days in Pattaya, I moved into a random hotel in Bangkok near Rion’s apartment. After looking all around the city for luxurious apartments to host the upcoming event, I realized the best place so far was the very building I randomly moved in the first day! I just switched to the only available penthouse on the top floor, as they rent daily, weekly and monthly. It’s a great place. I also needed to go to the dentist, and it turns out one of the best dentist office in Thailand was right at the corner of the street! That’s the best service I ever received for anything, period. It was extremely modern and clean with all the staff speaking good English. Many foreigners are traveling to Thailand to go to the Bangok International Dental Center which apparently has 70 dentists and 2 built-in laboratories. I thrust more the dentists here than the dentists in Quebec, plus the service is WAY better. I went for a clean-up, X-Ray, fixing a decay and repairing a broken tooth, for $170. Life is much easier when I’m not swimming against the current and when things line up ahead of me.

Relationship-wise, I had been very quiet over the last few months. The reason is that there were specific things on which I was not willing to compromise anymore. As I got to Thailand, a girl came to pick me up at the airport and the sex is better than what I had in Montreal by a factor of 10 to 20 times!! It’s a completely different experience. There’s something in the culture and energy that completely changes the experience. On top of that, there are crazy stories going on… which I’m not going to share here. Let’s just say I’m surrounded by beauty like never before. Sacrifice is about letting go of something of a lower nature to have something of a higher nature. That’s exactly what I did with relationships and the results are mind-blowing.

Rion’s immersion party is this week-end and some of the guys already arrived to Thailand. I might go take a look; this is going to be amazing. Then, the week-end after is the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event with me and Rion. The funny thing is… when we organized it, I knew exactly what we were going to do. Since then, so many things have fundamentally changed and evolved. I don’t know how it is going to be anymore. We’ll let the magic happen and see where it leads us!! There is still one spot available so it’s not too late to make it if you have your passport. If you want to take that spot, contact me and we’ll take it from there. Otherwise, you’ll see how things keep evolving with this business and with all those who took action to step up to something bigger. Sacrifice is really about giving away something of a lower nature to have something of a higher nature. An investment in your own growth is exactly that. It’s really fascinating where things are heading. I’m really looking forward to the next week-end!!

Alright, I’ll leave here as I have a diner with friends soon for my birthday. What are you waiting for to step up to a higher lifestyle?

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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