Recently, someone gave me a copy of the program Your Wish Is Your Command from Kevin Trudeau. Personally, I’ve never been fond of all the stuff about positive thinking and the law of attraction. However, I have to say I was very surprised by the content of this program. He first got my attention by acknowledging that 99% of the books and programs on the Law of Attraction are fake or incomplete formulas because the authors never made any real money; perhaps they made a few hundred thousand or a few millions selling those programs, but then they’re just great sales people. I personally have extremely powerful tools and knowledge to transform your life in many ways, but I don’t pretend to show you how to make billions and I don’t focus much on the law of attraction.

What I got from this audio program is very different and much deeper than anything else I’ve seen on the topic, and the content doesn’t even come from him. If you look at all the teachers and authors offering trainings on the law of attraction, it’s all people who figured it out on their own and started teaching their discoveries. Kevin Trudeau came from a different place. He was trained in the secret societies (The Brotherhood), reached the highest level and is surrounded by other billionaires who are at the highest levels of other secret societies such as the Freemasons. This knowledge has been passed from generation to generation for hundreds of years and it was strictly forbidden to leak it out of those societies. This is very mature content that has passed the test of time. There’s a depth and precision in the teaching that I haven’t seen anywhere else. The reason he and others left those secret societies is because although some of the members benefit society in great ways, the majority are just parasites leeching off human labor. He left the group and started making that knowledge available openly.

I personally mostly work with the law of transmutation of energy with Alchemy and the law of resonance with Self-Awakening. I’ve never put a strong focus on the law of attraction and usually have various critics about people who are into it.

To clarify what’s good from what’s flawed in the law of attraction, here are the top 7 reasons why the law of attraction doesn’t work properly and often brings undesirable results. That being said, Kevin Trudeau doesn’t seem to be doing any of these mistakes and frames it in a healthy way. He doesn’t directly address those pitfalls either, at least not in the basic training. The following 7 points apply to 99% of the stuff out there and especially the people practicing it.

1. They avoid looking at problems

People who are into positive thinking often avoid dealing with anything that is uncomfortable or problematic because it would make them feel back. However, problems don’t go away when you ignore them, they grow like mushrooms and keep hitting you in the back. If you’re trying to go outside and the door is closed, at some point you’ll have to acknowledge the door is closed and take action to open it. In order to solve problems, you have to look at them directly from a positive light.

2. They don’t focus on maintaining integrity with others when problems arise.

There are always challenges in life. When they occur, people in positive thinking tend to ignore the problem and move on with their lives while thinking positively. For example, I’ve seen several people who took thousands of dollars of investment money from various friends and ended up losing all the money. They don’t even want to talk about the problem and they just moved on with their lives. What happens after they lose their friends’ money is that they burn those relationships and create bad karma, which keeps attracting negative circumstances or simply hold them back from moving forward. In order to truly build your life, you can’t do it alone, and it is important to maintain healthy relationships in your life. That requires maintaining integrity. If something goes wrong, make it right.

3. Working from the rational mind instead of from the universal mind

The general approach to the law of attraction is to learn how to use your conscious mind in a more effective way. The problem is that almost everybody has a flawed view of the brain where they think it’s the conscious mind vs. the subconscious mind. The truth is, you have the Cyclical Thoughts Patterns which come from your beliefs and conditioning and you have the Universal Mind which is a greater thinking faculty that comes through your spirit. There is a conscious and unconscious part to each of these. The great majority of teachers work from the Conscious Cyclical Thoughts Patterns instead of the Conscious Universal Mind. This article explains this new model of the mind.

4. Not focusing enough on cohesive actions OR constantly pushing actions

I’m seeing both extremes. Some people will just meditate and feel good without taking any serious action, which of course won’t bring the results. Others think positively, always want more and keep pushing, pushing and pushing and don’t take the time to breathe, be centered and enjoy life. Kevin Trudeau talks about the Training Balance Scale as part of the fundamental basics which really addresses how to balance mindset with actions. He said you have to master both sides but 99% of your focus should be on the internal state and let actions flow from there. By listening to his program, I realized I really don’t yet know how to balance these two aspects properly. I just became aware that there is a lot more depth into this simple principle. I’ll study deeper into this.

5. Dreaming and disconnecting from reality

Many people who are into the law of attraction keep visualizing what they want in life and really disconnect from reality. They get into a day-dreaming state and you can tell they’re not here with you to enjoy the present moment. In order to get what you want, you have to truly live and enjoy the present moment.

6. Developing only the upper chakras

Especially in the spiritual communities, many people focus on feeling good and accessing that sense of oneness. Their energy fields then look like a reverse pyramid where the spiritual aspects are very developed and the physical aspects and underdeveloped. This comes back to what I said in the last point: you have to fully live your human life in order to make your dreams a reality.

7. Forming their self-identity around their spiritual beliefs and practices

The theory is that spiritual people should be the most open-minded people. The reality is, most spiritual people are very eager to learn more about their own beliefs and spiritual practices, but are very defensive and closed-minded to anything that would threaten their spiritual beliefs. Eckhart Tolle talked about this as the spiritual ego. Their spiritual beliefs and principles often become their self-identity which they must then protect. It gets even worse with teachers who have a business and line of products built around those spiritual beliefs. This is a pitfall to be wary of.

Here’s something I found even more interesting. David Neagle is the most advanced teacher in the industry teaching about how to create with the mind. Although both Kevin Trudeau and David Neagle recommend some of the same books to read, there are actually some profound differences in the way they teach the law of attraction. I still don’t know how to reconcile these two points of view, but I’ll just lay out the major differences I’ve seen.

Kevin Trudeau: You can focus your mind like a laser beam to attract anything you want
David Neagle: You don’t need to attract it, what you desire is there already around you

Kevin Trudeau: Focus on the emotion you would have once you have the result
David Neagle: Focus on the cause that will make it happen

Kevin Trudeau: Feel broader goals to widen options as to how it will manifest
David Neagle: Be specific in what you visualize

Kevin Trudeau: Forget about the “how’s”
David Neagle: Follow a proven system and take action

I will definitely need to do some more studying to understand how both systems work together, because they are essentially working with the same laws. David Neagle learned this from Bob Proctor and figured out a lot of it by reading books, and he’s making millions of dollars. Kevin Trudeau learned this from The Brotherhood secret society and is making billions.

I definitely recommend studying that program, Your Wish Is Your Command, but you may not have to spend the $300. I was invited to join an invitation-only private club for more advanced training where they essentially took the model and training of secret societies and opened it more openly. I most likely will join, and if I do, I may be able to give a copy to the clients I work with. That’s not confirmed yet, but I’ll let you know.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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