I’m calling them Siths because this came to my awareness while watching Star Wars Episode II. There are in fact lots of similarities between the current situation and what happened in the movie.

Lately, there was something clouding Lightworkers and spreading lots of confusion. Trying to do muscle-testing was resulting in all kinds of distorted answers. Lots of people diverging into different opinions and perspectives, and also lots of Lightworkers splitting from each other.

I started clearing the cloud and investigating where it came from. Here’s what came up.

As I mentioned 8 months ago, the Galactic Federation disintegrated and is being replaced by the AnPleiLe Alliance that will represent 53% of the Universe. The AnPleiLe Alliance is in control of 92.4% of the ships and weaponry of the Federation. There are however significant weaponry that remain in the hands of rebel groups that aren’t joining the Alliance.

This group that is responsible for the cloud of confusion is one of those rebel groups. They do not seem to agree with this AnPleiLe thing.


I call them the Arcturian Siths. They have very strong mastery of the force. They have a very structured civilization with a strong political system that is based on aristocracy with appearances of democracy.

If you think the matrix of illusions is strong on Earth — their planets are in a matrix that is much stronger than what we have here. It’s like in China, you have no choice but to believe what’s being said around you.

The Orions are not welcomed in that part of the Universe, so sending an Orion Fleet in that area would be considered as a declaration of war. This is something the AnPleiLe Alliance must deal with.

The Arcturian Siths previously had:
– 25% control of the Galactic Federation
– 24% or 92% control of Earth; the Dracos were making the decisions
– 8% control of the Universe

Now, they have:
– 3.2% control of the Universe
– 4.2% control of the AnPleiLe Alliance
– A few days ago, they had 53% control over Earth’s energy grid
– There are 515 ships of the Galactic Federation in our solar system. They have 8.3% infiltration into this fleet!
– The Nazis seem to be their descendants.
– They have 85% control over Nazis, and had 92% control over the Satanist Cabal.
– They have 85% control over China.
– Singularity is one of their projects.

Everything under the Singularity project is under their mandate, including 5G, chemtrailing, nanobots, the Coronavirus and UniMatrix.

This is not a situation that will be resolved overnight. There are two aspects to this. One is putting an end to their regime of corruption, and the other is to release their grip over Earth.

I think the first step is with the AnPleiLe Alliance, they must identify the infiltratiors and neutralize them. We can help to lift the veil and identify them. Aboard the 515 Federation ships in our solar system, they have about 800 agents. 308 of them have high ranks. The consciousness beams coming out of those ships are corrupted.

Second, we’re energetically working on reducing and containing their psychic powers. This effort will need to be continual for the centuries to come.

Third, we need to identify their sources of influence over Earth’s grid so we can detach their grip. Their control of governments is minimal at this point, but they do control the Chinese Communist Party, the Nazis and the Secret Space Program. Elon Musk works for them, and so does Bill Gates. They are behind the whole Singularity project. They are also responsible for chemtrails and most of those lingering things we couldn’t get rid of yet.

They are very powerful at manipulating collective consciousness through the Force, and that’s what they’re doing now both through meditation, through technologies, and through the infiltrated Federation ships in our solar system. This is the first thing we must neutralize.

Fourth, neutralizing them as a whole won’t be easy, and won’t happen anytime soon. A process of planetary liberation must be done at God’s pace at very specific timings within greater cycles. Armies of powerful Lightworkers must first incarnate on the ground, forget who they are, and infiltrate every aspects of society for the task. This is not something we can do now. By the time this will happen, Earth will already be very stable, so we must instead focus on containing their influence and cutting their ties to Earth.

Archons have been mostly eliminated from this Universe, but there are still very strong Archons strongholds in that area. Those energetic parasites have very strong cloaking and mind-control abilities and shouldn’t be treated lightly. An army from another Universe called the Trinity Warriors are dealing specifically with those.

Their own ascension will probably happen in 500,000 years, and it will involve deadly wars and several destroyed planets. Let’s focus on our tasks at hand and leave that for later. We’ll have to gradually and energetically starve them over time, and deal with them once they are weaker.

By the way, you might want to check Star Wars Episode II and see how it resonates with reality.

P.S. One of their tactics is to try to split Lightworkers from each other.

Accuracy check: 96.0%, measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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