So much is unfolding at a rapid pace. Let’s look at where things are at right now. Let’s look at the vibration of cities on the Hawkins Scale.

– Playa del Carmen: -412
– Cancun: -515
– Orlando: 5
– Los Angeles: -413
– San Francisco: -714
– New-York: -635
– Montreal: -4
– Toronto: -8
– Vancouver: -16
– Mexico City: -14 (WOW!!)
– London: -416
– Paris: 26
– Madrid: -413
– Barcelona: 25
– Berlin: -402
– Bangkok: -613
– Pattaya: -708
– Chiang Mai: -412
– Rio de Janeiro: 402 (double-checked as accurate)
– Medellin: -400
– Lima: 400
– Cuzco: -306 (?)
– Budapest: 403
– Vienna: 35
– Bucharest: 38
– Warsaw: 308
– Moscow: 305
– Hong Kong: 38
– Shianghai: 305
– Bali: -403

Still a lot of work to do! Unfortunately, the only cure to this global insanity will be the Great Tribulations, but the Bible talks of losing up to a third of the population along the way. I really miss living in a city that isn’t in the negative. I can’t consider going out to a bar in a city that has such a low vibration! Lima, Rio, Warsaw and Moscow are places where I could have a more active social life.

People have been talking about all kinds of theories regarding the burnt houses in California, but all I care about are the energetic causes and energetic consequences, so let’s look strictly at that. 6500 houses have burnt. They now have a vibration of 34. Those same houses had a vibration of -92000. The flames had a vibration of 12000. That’s all I need to know. It will take a lot more of that. The oceans are now at 1418. The rain down here in Mexico now vibrates at 918 so it is powerful transmutation and cleansing water. Tap water in Playa del Carmen now vibrates at 512. Purified drinking water is still at 50 for the best brand. It may take a while until the ocean water circulates into the whole ecosystem.

A few days ago there was a FESIG meeting and they called me because they were under attack. Not only were communications breaking down and they had to reboot 3 times, but one was getting his email account hacked live, and a witch was where she wasn’t supposed to be. I joined the meeting to see what was going on, neutralized the 2 physical targets, and then everything went smoothly for the rest of the meeting. The Cabal also saw what I did in Orlando, completely demolishing the mind control hub of Disney World resulting in a direct collapse of Hollywood.

After this latest wave of attacks, I proposed a truce to the Cabal. Since the hacker demonstrated beyond any doubt that they were intercepting and reading our emails, I made that proposition in a follow-up email to the team. We’re currently getting together as a team of pure geniuses to release new technologies into the market (a new phase on top of simply disclosing the information and blueprints). I told them they’ve seen what I’m capable of but aren’t aware of the extent. I can single-handedly crush whatever is left of them. First they’ll crash against immunity structures suffering critical damage, then I’ll blast them with psychic bombs scaling up in power up to infinity as needed, and then disintegrate what’s left until there’s nothing left. If they think freeing me from this physical body would help them, they’re mistaken. I’m incarnated into 13 physical bodies and need none of them, and in fact most of my teams don’t have a physical body. I can navigate and manipulate timelines and chase them down to the end of times, and have the entire armies of Heaven backing me up. There’s nothing they can do.

At the same time, nobody gains from destroying what’s left of them without having anything to replace them, although any external support from other species and groups is being removed. I said we didn’t need to crash against each other. It slows me down and they get utterly crushed. Nobody benefits. I proposed to respect each other’s red line. Although FESIG has already released many blueprints of free energy devices, we will not release any such device that threatens the energy industry for the next 3 or 4 years, until the Anti-Christ cycle is over. In exchange, they get out of my way and don’t get near our team. I don’t want to see any more hacker or witch in the area, because I will lose patience next time.

2 hours later, first I felt an assassin wanting to kill me and I sent some psychic blasts, then a bit later, I heard a clear voice in my head saying “We accept your truce”. I sense it coming from someone high-ranked and he seemed sincere. As a confirmation that the truce was accepted, since yesterday, energies have been opening up greatly. First I bumped into a thin layer of hippies and denial energies, then everything broke wide open and all opposition completely dropped. I’ve been able to rebuild all my energy layers for the first time in YEARS!!!

Truth is, I want them to show their true colors so that the population can wake up — that’s the only way they’ll wake up. Meanwhile, we’ll start building and move forward with our projects.

So… the oceans vibrate at 1418, 49.4% of the world population (62.8% of Americans) has a vibration below 0, only 8.2% of Americans have a vibration above 200, and on my side energies are crystal clear (my energy is now at 1180) and we’re moving forward to create a new business to bring new technologies into the market, starting with an alternative healing device. As the world is polarizing itself, you really have to ask yourself on which side you want to play.

As we’re setting up this business, I’m also coming up with all kinds of realizations. First, reconnecting with your soul power and being aligned with God isn’t enough. If you haven’t developed your genius, it’s hard to put all of it into use. When looking at the next soul projects of 2 clients, they both were told to focus on themselves and go with the flow while taking care of themselves. Now I realize they need to develop their genius before jumping into a greater mission. Then I also realized you can get millions of dollars in funding with an idea properly structured. If you’re running a corporation but are running short in funding, it’s not a money issue, but you’re lacking that fundamental idea. I’m also seeing more clearly all the various ways I can contribute to entrepreneurs and prepare a business for funding. If this business goes off the ground, I’ll get a lot more respect in the entrepreneurial communities, who up until now really can’t figure out where I’m coming from nor know how to handle my energy. This project is important in many ways, and with a team of geniuses, things can progress a lot faster than what one might expect. If the Cabal sends investors or infiltration agents (as usual), I’ll see them coming 50 miles in advance so I don’t recommend that.

I’m also in a phase of rebranding as I realize there are many of you who want to get more involved in all this and want to move forward with your life, yet are confused as to which service would serve you best or how I can truly help you. I would love it if the customer experience would be streamlined and simple to progress into.

So… lots of things moving forward, although it can look ugly on the global scale. How are things moving forward for you?

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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