I haven’t written much lately because energies have been very frantic with a lot to deal with ever since the mid-term elections, California wildfires and caravan started, plus dealing with a lot of stuff in China which I haven’t really spoken about. I’ve been busy.

I wanted to give some updates in regards to the global situation. 99.8% of organized dark forces on the planet are now gone. However, only 14% of it has unfolded into physical manifestation. What’s left are people’s shadows, fears, and lack of responsibility to build something to replace the old crumbling system. The awakening of the people will be a longer process, and don’t get me wrong, it won’t be pretty.

To be clear, those who are purely focusing on the dark forces and Cabal (as victims) are wasting their time. We’ve transitioned from a war against dark forces into a civil war and disruptive transition of consciousness. The focus must now be in growing ourselves to overcome the challenges to come.

What’s interesting is that nobody wanted to be involved in the energetic war and I was left mostly on my own, with very few people following. Now, for those people who did the hard work, things are going to get a lot easier, and for those who didn’t want to be involved, things are going to get harder. We’re all going through this shift one way or the other. The sooner you do your part, the easier it will be afterwards. The more you wait until you’re forced into it, the worse it will get.

There are 3 people I know well who are currently at a financial rock bottom, in very difficult situations, at the same time. Things are good here, but I was in extremely difficult situations in 2015-2016 while they weren’t. Even my Alchemy mentor died of the energetic attacks, while things were better for them.

I think most people are going to go through this difficult phase at some point, and it’s going to happen in a few waves. First wave is the few spiritual warriors breaking the false light matrix. When things get better for them, things get really challenging mostly for the 0.01% of spiritual leaders. When things get better for them, things get really challenging for the 1% of spiritual leaders. When things get better for them, things get really challenging for the rest of the population. We’ll all go through it. I’ve paid my dues already so I’m good to go.

Something else I’m seeing. This rock bottom is what forges the soul and allows for quick transformation. It is the cocoon that prepares the soul to enter the divine matrix. Every butterfly must pass through the cocoon stage. This seems to happen at a late stage when one is already living their soul purpose, to test and polish their faith and strengthen their core. If even the strongest and wisest of us must go through it, so will the others. When it’s their time. It will unfold over a 100 years period. As the new financial grid unrolls into the world, the “financial dry zone”, at the collision point between the 2 worlds, is going to unroll across all of the population gradually.

Now, coming back to the title, the Earth’s Merkabah has just been activated. Several strong lightworkers have been doing heavy work to clear North America for many years, while the First Patriarch of Andromedia has been doing heavy work in Serbia, while I’m doing very heavy work in China. If you look at the globe, these are 3 of the 4 positions of the Yang tetrahedon of the Earth’s Merkabah. 4th position is Antarctica, which was protected with Draco technology, veils, bombs, locks, which I unlocked. I was thus working on the Yang tetrahedron last night, the masculine structures of the planet, and got the message to kick it into place one-shot for astrological reasons. So I did. I wonder how the lightworkers community are reacting to this as many have a very wounded relationship to the masculine. About 14h later, I see someone else activated the Yin tetrahedron, I wonder who did that. Thus, the Earth’s merkabah is now 100% cleared and active. I do not know what the consequences will be but if you see something noteworthy, please post a comment.

Furthermore, I started building an immunity structure around Gaia. The full immunity will take time to kick into place, but it’s creating a strong energetic wind of alignment reducing the weight on lightworkers and creating pressure on corrupt and misaligned forces. Strangely, after doing that, clear faces of various aliens have been showing up in my energy field.

Thus, we’re making a lot of progress, and while things are going to get a lot easier for myself after many years of struggles, things are going to get a lot harder for others as the new reality unrolls into the world. For the records, I haven’t been able to do any work at all on my business for over a year, because my intellectual mind is completely locked right now, yet I’ve earned over $3k USD for 10 months in a row, over $8k just last month, by far the most I’ve ever earned since leaving the job market (where I was earning $8k a month as a programmer). Things are definitely improving on my side and are going to get much better.

So the question is, now that a lot of chaos is going to unfold (in different areas at different times), and there’s no-one else to blame, how are you going to handle the present and future?

For those who don’t know how to get involved in the greater work, when people work directly with me from a soul-driven perspective and learn the Alchemy work to break the chains of the false light matrix, generally they energetically get involved into that mess because their power becomes a threat to demons, dark forces and the matrix altogether. That’s why very few people have been coaching with me, but instead invest tens of thousands of dollars in other coaches who operate within the false light matrix. You get involved into it simply by breaking the chains around your mind. When learning Alchemy with my support coach from a pain-driven perspective, however, it doesn’t seem to raise high enough to get involved in that mess. For that reason, there are many who have purposely blocked their own growth to keep their head under the radar, but one can only do that for so long.

We’re also approaching the winter solstice, which always marks a transition into a new chapter, with Christmas holidays providing the fastest transformation of the year because the people are in a better mood and families are connecting together. This is just a heads up. Stay safe!

Accuracy check: 92.5%. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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