California wildfires as of November 16th 2018, 63 confirmed dead and 9700 houses burnt. Why is this happening? Short answer was succinctly explained over a year ago in this video. Since posting that video, things are looking a little bit better for the United States, but otherwise everything is still heading exactly as explained. Now that more people are listening, I wanted to give more explanations.

These wildfires are alchemical fires of an energetic nature and have different properties from regular fires. When looking at the fires, we can make a few interesting observations:

– These wildfires started a few years ago when the collective consciousness of the trees (centered at the Amazonian Forest) accepted to take responsibility to anchor Heaven energies into the earth since humans wouldn’t do it. They took the heat and the fires immediately started.

– If you add water energy to the fires through the mind, it only causes energies to explode stronger, like adding oil on fire.

– Trees and telephone poles act as energy conductors and overheat like wires, thus they turn into charcoal red from within when the outside is still interact. Alchemical fires behave differently than regular fires.

– It is suspected that the fires started with electric malfunctions which can definitely happen due to burst of earth/fire energy. It’s hard to put it out when water makes it explode and when trees melt from within out of nowhere.

Many also observe that houses are burnt while trees often remain. Here’s a good article from the CBC that explains why.

Many are also blaming the Cabal for using laser weapons to destroy the population. I don’t buy into those conspiracy theories for the simple reason that it’s an energetic cause that I’ve been warning about for a very long time. It’s fascinating how people will go into far lengths to avoid responsibility and put the blame on others using conspiracy theories. Were weapons or lasers used? Maybe. If that’s the case, they are only the executioners of divine intervention without being aware of it. At the very least, they would only be authorized to do such actions because it would be authorized by the Heavens. Thus, it really doesn’t matter who “executes” the action, the only thing that matters is the energetic cause behind it.

In the case of the San José fires when I went down there, I was doing tremendously intense clearing work because everybody thought they were conscious but the water energy was completely and utterly blocked, and adding water energy was like putting oil on fire. During that week-end, some forests and healing/SPA communities at a healing spring completely burnt down. I learnt afterwards that the fires were done by the FBI to try to neutralize the surge of Light energy — only causing the cleansing of stuck ‘spiritual’ energies instead. The healing spring chose to close down to regenerate itself, it couldn’t handle people’s baggage anymore.

The Forces of Light have given up on California (and given up on China) in their hopes that it would somehow adjust and realign to the Light. Here’s why the spiritual leadership is so important and why I’ve been focusing and talking about it so much over the past few years. The spiritual leadership *is* the hope of the people, who they go to during spiritual crisis and challenges. If the support and guidance system gets people further off-track, then there is truly no hope and a total breakdown is required. The next generation will do things differently.

So, coming back to the California wildfires 2018, the population is responsible for blocking the genuine Light with their false light matrices (see this article for in-depth explanation of the false light matrix). What is causing the huge burst of energy? I’m currently activating the entire mountain of Wudang in China as a needle to awaken the world. After the US mid-term elections, the energies completely crashed back down here. The wildfires in California have been happening at the same as I was re-activating the mountain to bring the energies back up. The California wildfires are only 35% related to the surge of energy from Wudang. The real cause is the mid-term elections: crossing the tipping point where the media-controlled reality is no longer dominant, and where their narrative falls like dominoes into deaf ears. The false light matrix had been destroyed, alongside the media-controlled reality, and the physical manifestation always comes with a delay, and it is manifesting now.

When will this destruction end? When 1% of the population will start taking responsibility for doing God’s work on Earth to pave the way to a new world. Almost everybody is dismissing that focusing on the other 99%. LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR: THE 99% DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. ONLY THE 1% MATTERS.

I’ll have to talk more about the 1% whose purpose is to lead planetary ascension and break away from old paradigms. These are very powerful souls but feel excruciatingly heavy weight on their shoulders from dark forces constantly attacking them and from people around them seeking to preserve their illusions, and their health, finances and well-being generally suffer greatly.

It’s not OK to have the 1% serving God to be energetically crushed by the 99% who want to keep living in their illusions. The world will be a different place once that 1% stands up in their power and transmutes the energies crushing them down; but by then, the old world of illusions will have burnt into ashes to let the Light emerge. And that’s where the real work will begin as builders.

Many say they want to be part of that 1%, reclaim their full spiritual powers and lead the way toward a new Earth, but few realize what that implies. Very few are ready to stand on the front line of fire. It requires very strong energetic support and full constant dedication. Yet, it is the best way one can sharpen their spiritual edge; can spiritually grow more in 1 year of constant battle and focus than in 10 normal incarnations. And you don’t get to see the benefits until you’re out of the bushes.

We are repeating the story of Moses who freed the slaves from Egypt, except at a much larger planetary scale (see the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings).

In the story of Moses, the liberation happened in 3 phases.

1. Warnings and preparations, all the warning signs have been given on all sides, and all the cards have been played, waiting for the shuffle to begin.

2. Series of destructive events, utter destruction of the old reality with energetic tsunamis from God.

3. 40-year exodus into the desert. In this case it will take either 40 years or 100 years until the global situation stabilizes and we can reunite with other races in the cosmos. The only reason they turned around in the desert for 40 years was because of their stubbornness. Many wanted to go back to slavery, have free food and a roof. It was more comfortable than seeking a new way. Today, many are fighting to preserve their illusions even as they are crumbling.

Right now we’re at about 10.5% of phase 2. Still a long way to go.

Many lightworkers in starseed communities are working for full disclosure and openness with the cosmos. Those starseeds need to stop acting as victims and waiting for saviors, and need to start taking responsibility for their spiritual empowerment. They are the ones creating reality, not the Cabal — so no point in tracking their every step. Disclosure would provide the technologies required for solving all of today’s environmental and technological problems, but would not solve today’s spiritual problems. We run the problem that the current technological growth far outweighs our growth of wisdom and personal responsibility. Disclosure will happen on its own when *we* are ready for it. If you want to change the world, start by changing yourself — and if that doesn’t sound like the solution, then you need need to look into that sentence deeper until you can see the source of all creation within it.

Those fires are to be expected, and it is still only the beginning. The Bible talks of ending the insanity in California with a “big mighty earthquake” in probably around 3 years, where things will have gone much worse by then.

I’m getting the message more and more clear to stop touching or trying to help people who don’t want to be involved in the spiritual war and to focus purely on the 1% who seek to be guardians for the emergence of a new earth. Truth is few want to be on the front line unless God placed them there already.

As a guardian your sole and primary purpose is to heal, strengthen and protect your energy during the “collision of the spheres”.

For the others, only advice I can give is fasten your seatbelt. The collision is going to be brutal.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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