I’ve really been seeing of everything lately. To help energy move smoothly and effectively, let’s set a few ground rules.

1. Don’t send me long messages with your story if you don’t intend to do something about it. I won’t get into your story, and you’re just wasting your time and mine.

If you did have an Energy Tune-Up with me in the past, this is where you share your situation. Keep it short and concise as results require focus. I’m not here to delve into your story, I’m here to rewrite it and get you concrete results. It’s more important to know where you want to go.

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2. I’m not here to trick you into buying anything; and I won’t give out my time for free either. If you’re here to move forward with your life in a big way, then let’s work together. Request a Strategy Session and let’s get started. If not, then this mailing list may become less appealing to you as I’ll be talking more and more directly to action-takers and leaders. You can unsubscribe if that isn’t you.

To answer a question I’ve been getting a few times: why am I not sharing my knowledge freely? I am! If you want more information about it, keep reading what I write. The real work, however, isn’t about the knowledge but about you. I can’t write about you on a blog, that’s something that has to be done in-person. It’s not about what you know but about what you can access within you; or rather, removing the layers preventing you from being more of who you are. It’s not about adopting a foreign beliefs system either, it’s about being more of your true self and finally feeling normal.

3. The Universe likes speed. Take action now. If you want things to change in your life, you have to change things in your life. Not “someday”, but now. I understand that you may be stuck in the ‘busy’-ness of life which makes this work a lower priority. I also understand that more often than not, it’s an excuse to avoid facing something you don’t want to face. Things won’t get better by waiting. What are you waiting for anyway? Apply for a strategy session and let’s get started now.

Bonus: Apply the knowledge. Surprisingly enough (or not), the results my clients get is exponentially proportional to the degree to which they apply what I teach them. Holding onto preconceived beliefs, or trying to takes pieces of what I teach and mix it into your own techniques, will only dilute the results as you’d be doing something else without shifting your foundation. The energy work that I teach REQUIRES shifting your foundation, and that’s precisely where its power lies.

Also, some of you are first concerned about getting your social and sexual life handled before focusing on a greater purpose. I used to teach about sexual magnetism and charisma, you might be wondering whether I still teach that. I stumbled into a technical issue along the way. Increasing your presence, grounding and sexual polarities does have a very strong magnetic effect on women. However, it is an extremely powerful state that isn’t compatible with the Western social matrix and causes old paradigms to collapse. This leads to energetic attacks and into the whole war and mess as we transition from the information age into the spiritual age. Sure I can help you increase your presence and magnetism, and if you walk that path, you have to be ready to walk it fully. It’s just just “let’s fix this and then chill out for the rest of my life” kind of a thing.

I’ve wasted enough of your time with this. Ready to have some real work done?
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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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