There are many fascinating energetic dynamics I’ve observed over the years. There’s one in particular that nobody seems to know anything about and that raised a lot of questions: the financial veil.

I saw this very clearly when I invested in KaratBars and purchased gold. I’m not “spending” any money because I still hold it in pure gold, but I did invest $800 in an investor package, and I get income when my downline also purchases gold. This thing grew like crazy. Within 3 months, I had over 100 people in my downline. Then, when I made back the initial investment and reached the break-even point, the whole thing completely jammed overnight and hasn’t moved since. We’re talking about an entire downline of 109 people. That’s the financial veil. The clash between two matrices. Absolutely fascinating.

Due to this, my finances have been mostly regulated by 2 phenomenons. Money would zigzag up and down. When I start to get ahead, it hits the financial veil and it completely blocks the income. Once it reaches the deep low, God must provide for my path and things open up. This cycle has been going on over and over again over the years.

I was also supposed to do a training about financial abundance last year. This financial veil is the reason why I didn’t do it.

Now the veil is nearly broken around me, and so is the financial veil.

On December 8th, I purchased $150 worth of Bitcoin. Watch how the financial veil affected it. View the price charts here. Bitcoin was going up like crazy, and on the 8th, it hit a ceiling. But look at the Bitcoin transaction fees! On that exact day, December 8th, the fees peaked from $7 to $27 per transaction!! It definitely hit the financial veil. Litecoin was very quiet up until the 8th, then the value went way up and then is coming back down a bit. Ethereum also went way up but a few days later, in response to Bitcoin’s high transaction fees. That’s completely crazy. Since then, over $1500 USD came in sales after having almost nothing in November except high-end clients recurring payments.

You think the financial veil will hold back this bear known as Bitcoin? I don’t think so.

There’s some new development. Bitcoin Futures is coming into effect this Monday December 18th. This will bring Bitcoin into the stocks exchange market, and allow hedge funds and other investors who couldn’t invest in it for regulatory reasons or other reasons to add it to their portfolio. Think of pension funds and such. You’ll see investment managers pressing Enter on multi-billion-dollar purchases, and they’ll do it at the earliest morning because they know the value will go way up.

This massive injection of cash into Bitcoin will definitely cause the value to sky-rocket. It can easily double or triple in value within a week. The big banks will rip themselves apart by crushing the financial veil with their own transactions. Like the snake biting its own tail.

So the financial veil is officially coming to an end on Monday 18th — and it will be a drastic ending. It will get utterly crushed.

Yesterday I’ve added another $250 of Bitcoin, so that’s $400. It can easily grow to $800 or $1200 within a week or two. Then, I can put it in a service like USI-Tech that gives you 1% return per day on your money (locked for 140 days). I know several people who use it and it’s reliable, they grow it with mining, leverage and automated trading. There are other services offering similar things but are either scam or unreliable, so I’d recommend to either stick to USI-Tech or do your research. I’ll personally try another option that’s not available to the public.

I expect 14% of the financial system to transfer from fiat-currency over into Bitcoin in the next 2 weeks. It is sure to be followed by a crash at some point.

Finally I’ll leave you with these recommendations
1. Put some money in Bitcoin, CoinBase only allows you to transfer $250 a week and that’s a good amount to start with.
2. Only put into crypto-currency money you can afford to lose. Which means, if you get hacked, or it loses half its value, you can manage the consequences. It’s a highly volatile market with high risks after all.

What’s interesting is that although there’s a *lot* of money to be made with crypto-currencies, only people with the right financial mindset can see it. For others, it’s like an alien spaceship could land in the parking lot and they wouldn’t see it because it doesn’t fit their paradigm.

It also leads to a new phenomenon of young adults already being millionaires and billionaires. Also there are people like Christopher Greene of AMTV who were struggling financially and all of a sudden become rich. He’ll invest that to grow alternative media. This will completely change the global landscape.

Lastly, where people start making wrong decisions is when they start getting driven by greed and/or fear or losing out. It’s important to find your center and make decisions guided by spirit.

This is all for now, all the best.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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