I received several questions regarding the Energy Tune-Up. Some of these questions are really good and I thought it would benefit everyone to answer them in an article.

First, what is an Energy Tune-Up? I do a reading of your energy field to see where you are in alignment and where you are out of alignment, and to provide guidelines as to what you need to work on. Then, I do distance healing to remove all kinds of energetic leaks and attacks that are affecting your energy field, and I can clear up a whole bunch of them for $97. There are two I’m still working on right now who have absolutely crazy energies around them that just won’t clear up… still working on it. Then, you get the ebook Understanding The Shift to better understand the reading and the context of what we’re collectively going through. All that is done remotely and you get the result via email. Then, you also get a strategy session over Skype to dig deeper.

Most people I’ve been doing readings on so far had between 15% and 60% resistance to the vortex of ascension. Conscious entrepreneurs often have 40% to 60% resistance to the vortex because they’re focused on doing things a certain way instead of serving their higher purpose. With James Rink’ people (after our interview), however… many have between 2% and 5% resistance to the vortex of ascension!! That is extremely good, but their alignment is also generally low, and often have crazy frantic energies around them with few healthy relationships. I’ve got several more readings and healings to do for his people but I got to take them one by one and do it right.

Now, for the questions.

Q: What info of mine do you need to do tuneup- full name, D.O.B., Photo?

A: Name, picture and email. After purchase, you get redirected to a form to supply required information.

Q: Once Tuneup done, will one be a target of attack by Dark Ones, if so, do you teach Protection techniques.

You’re already being attacked by “Dark Ones”. The person who asked has 62 trillion veils, 55 billion implants, 28 trillion portals, 25 trillion entities, 78 quadrillion demons, 192 quadrillion black magic, and 175 quadrillion implants in his subtle bodies, and just as much more below the ground. Out of that, about 35% comes from the “dark elite”, 62% come from society and peers, and 3% comes from his own dysfunctional patterns. As of right now, “we” the people are a bigger problem that the crumbling elite in this regards.

Q: Since there is ever increasing Energies coming, all will be upgraded anyways and will attain more abilities. So why does one need to go through you?

Because the timeline we are creating depends on what we are doing. We’re going to go through a very turbulent 100-year cycle because too many are choosing to drag along or stick to their beliefs, and too few are taking leadership to create a better world. The Cabal has been defeated but cannot be taken out of power because there is no spiritually-aligned leadership to replace them, so they will gradually fade away until 2033. Putting our collective ascension process aside, the role you choose to play will also have a more immediate impact in the quality of your life. If you let yourself get dragged along the storms, there is going to be a lot of chaos ahead and you won’t always know how to deal with it. If you take a position of leadership, you stay in the eye of the storm and you’ll have spiritual protection and immunity along the way.

Q: Apart from monetary gain by you, which is OK, what do you get? Karmic points?

Monetary gain? I left jobs of $9000 per month to dedicate my life to this. I’ve been working on this for 8 years and it might still take 1 or 2 more year just to get back to my previous level of income — not even counting the business expenses. It’s not about what I get. It’s about who I am. There’s just no other way because that’s who I am. I can’t run away from myself. The Indigo Knight said in his mandala reading of me that I was hard-wired to my core, and that explains why I am simply unable to steer away from it.

Q: What is your real Intention of doing this?

I’m hard-wired to my core essence. I’m doing what needs to be done to serve my higher purpose, period. Where that leads regards only God.

Q: Still find it difficult to trust you basically.

Generally, lack of trust in others comes from a lack of trust in oneself. Might be a good place to start looking.

You can get the Energy Tune-Up here. With all the energetic storms going on, keep in mind I must wait for energies to calm down a bit before doing readings, and often can only do 1 or 2 per day. There are already several waiting in line to get their reading done, so if you want yours, better put yourself in line now so that I get to yours soon.

Alright, talk soon,

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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