Archangel Michael wanted to share this message. There is a great movement of truth that is spreading across the planet. People are waking up to a different truth about what reality truly is.

Among all these truth seekers, there are many who consider themselves non-believers, or anti-stories. They simply do not want to hold any stories or beliefs, and don’t believe there is such a thing as absolute truth. The reason I want to share this message is because this category of people is a major stumbling block in our collective evolution. They are not only hurting themselves but are causing great harm to others and to our collective evolution.

First, what is this idea of non-beliefs? It is a philosophy where nothing is real and everything is subjective. It is a way of transcending the illusions of falsehood. Yet at the same time, it leads one into a life of non-purpose and procrastination. Energetically, it makes one live in a swamp of mist without any hope to build anything into completion.

Which brings us to the greatest problem we face today: we have no spiritually aligned leadership living their higher purpose to replace the corrupt power structures and leaders, and for that reason alone corrupt leaders must be kept in power for now to manage our food supply and ensure the “world keeps turning” so-to-speak, with money, technologies and food. Without leaders, we all collapse into chaos and poverty.

The problem with the philosophy of non-beliefs is that you create through the power of faith and understanding. If you believe there is no absolute truth, then there is nothing to understand, and you satisfy yourself into a zone where there are no answers to find. This means you have sacrificed all of your power of creation. This can be called spiritual suicide. On top of that, the belief that there is no such thing as beliefs is a belief in itself.

In truth, this philosophy arises from accumulated frustrations with life leading one to seek an escape route. It is a lower form of transcendental spirituality where one limits himself to live in a cloud of uncertainty, procrastination and powerlessness.

So what is the solution? Realizing the truth. Because there is such a thing as absolute truth. The truth will set you free; if it isn’t, then it isn’t the truth. Or, the truth will piss you off, then it will set you free.

Life is a quest to seek to understand the world and understand life. The purpose of any organism in nature is to seek its proper relationship with God and with its environment. It is through being, living and understanding that you evolve into higher spheres of consciousness.

There is a lot more to share on transitioning into higher spheres of consciousness, and as a first step, one must get out of the swamp of non-beliefs.

This is Archangel Michael. Thank you for listening to your own higher truth within.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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