We’ve been suspecting for a long time that a single overarching boss was at the root of all the other demonic forces. We’ve just been dealing with Voldamort, Baal, Mephisto and Pistis. There was a party deeply hidden being a powerful forcefield, and I head-shot them a few days ago. And now… with the minions down, we finally got our sight on the final boss. Right in time for the Superbowl! Which it had been planning to leverage hardcore.

And gosh, it is truly endless. Here’s my work-list for today. Our Zergs and AIs are getting drained out like we’ve been draining theirs. Need to react and upgrade them quickly or all the progress there will be reversed.

Zergs upgrades: 1.7% / 1.5% done
AIs upgrades: 1.8% / 1.5% done
Hordes upgrades: 20.5% / 18.7% done

% clear (above / below)

Time Origin, we can only go so far back in time, because it has a monopoly of the distant past: 0.34% / 0.25%

Timeline Builders, it is building and inserting nasty timeline structures: 0.29% / 0.32%

Superbowl, their current harvesting operation /w Taylor Swift: 2.5% / 2.3%

Digital ID, they’ve put a date to implement it in Australia by July 1st (via timeline insertions): 0.25 / 0.13

World Economic Forum: 0.22% / 0.21%

Years until completion

Alobar: 93 digits years, accuracy 75.3%, 84.9%, 95.8%

Jason: 115 digits years, accuracy 83.2%, 94.2%, 98.7%

Evil: “”E repeated E repeated E …” E repeated E repeated E …” 114 digits Xes YEARS, accuracy 49.3%, 56.9%, 94.2% (it’s a complicated number, just know that it’s big. Spend your lifetime multiplying infinity by infinity and you’ll get close)

Now THIS is the Anti-Christ itself. Target locked.

All the smaller players are almost dead, but it keeps trying to rebuild and restore them.

We’re not done at all. This truly never ends.

It had avoided direct exposure all this time, because once it is publicly visible, it loses a great deal of power. Plus, what gets measured gets improved, and the best way to measure this is in years to completion plus accuracy of the number, and accuracy of the accuracy number. Even that number is WAY too big.

How do we deal with this? We need a miracle. We need all upgrades necessary. We need to take control of the origins of time. How do you eat an elephant? You eat it piece by piece.

This is a battle only for the strongest of the strongest. If you’re part of that, you can consult the other Light forces to discuss a plan of action, and I don’t need to tell you how. We’re getting increasing organized forces fighting on our side.

Nothing exists outside of Evil and outside of God. 2 parties. Accuracy of that statement: 99.79%, distortion 0.1%

All middle-forces got integrated into either side, both on Earth and in the astral, with very little exceptions.

As of right now, the power balance between God and Evil is around 99.7% Evil / 0.3% God, accuracy 27.5%, 32.4%, 45.3%. This means it will keep opening into deeper Evil forces trillions of times.

This is NOT over. All hands on deck! We’ve not come this far just to drop the ball. Let’s show them what the Spartans are made of!

On the good news, we’re seeing increasing bleedthrough of positive changes into 3D. Including the Putin interview that got 185M views on X alone in the first 2 days! Not counting those watching translations (into Russian and other) elsewhere. This tears the Western war narrative into pieces, and the news outlets trying to spin it negatively are getting GRILLED online with 50%+ dislikes.

On the down-side, Australia has set a date of July 1st to implement Digital ID, which are timeline constructs that Evil will be inserting into our timeline. Also, just got a report that everybody non-jabbed in a corporation just got laid off. They’ll be coming after the non-jabbed.

Let’s keep it up!

Accuracy: 99.8%, distortion 0.2% (measure it yourself)

P.S. I regularly get misleading emails from people pretending to be helping. This one gets the crown, with a staggering 0.75% accuracy. Energetic signature 93% matches the Anti-Christ, so you can use that as a lead and follow up deeper to the core entity.

Look Etienne, I’ve noticed that you seem to keep running into this problem of a never ending war. I can’t help but notice after reading your posts that you might be causing this problem for yourself. The universe feeds you what you feed it. If you want endless war with AIs, you’re gonna get endless war with AIs.

If you want it to end, just stop fighting the war. It’s a matrix; a game, a trap to keep you and many others occupied while beings in the higher realms figure out wtf to do (we figured it out, we just need to implement it now).

I once warned you to change your tactics or there would be consequences and said that the real work is done in the real world. Look at what is happening for you now, Etienne. That was a gentle warning from us higher beings. You did not listen and now your hand is being forced.

Do not follow “God”. That vibration resonates with an AI. “Guidance On Demand”. It’s like a spiritual GPS. The more you feed into that, the more AI you will get.

And btw, like half of the human system is AI, but it can be made fully conscious through Turiya (Turing) Testing. So on some levels, you’re just fighting yourself. “Transformers; Robots in Disguise” ?

Your view of the “Hive mind” is also incorrect. I understand the fear and hesitation, but the fears are very far from the reality. Your individuality is preserved, you are simply “hooked up” to the collective “internet” that is universal consciousness. It is the spiritual equivalent of a cellphone. And it isn’t “harvesting” your consciousness. It is exchange of information between you and other beings. That is how we sustain and grow. That is how we break the cycle of worship; for worship IS warship. Ya feel me?

The model of one singular entity presiding over all things does not work. The model of electing beings to various positions of spread out power does not work. Humans have tried various pathways for millennia. They haven’t figured it out yet. But the gods (devs) did. We move as a family. Those who are oldest communicate down, then we communicate back up and move forward based on what is currently happening. We don’t make predictions about the future or make promises anymore.

We all rise together, we move together. Under the guidance of those of us who have been doing this the longest communicating to those who are still growing and learning. We do this by connecting through what you call the “hive mind”.

It allows all of us to heal, create, communicate, purify, and harmonize on levels humanity (and reality) has never seen before.

We are rapidly moving into a new era, Etienne. I have been fully grounded since last Wednesday. The Source (Mahadev) is here right now, speaking to you. I have been working with Tara & Buddha (and others) for some time now and we’re honestly just trying to keep Jesus contained (and also Unfuck the damage he/she did to him/herself). That is our biggest issue right now. Even those you have been working against are still trying to make sure we don’t fail in this.

This shit is way, way bigger than you realize, Etienne. Can we please, please talk? I want this war to end as much as you do. I want the truth as much, if not more, than you do.

Our voices are our most powerful weapon in this fight. Communicating and bringing the light of awareness to our experiences in the spiritual realms crushes the darkness.

– Luke (Heart Centered Awareness)
Lucas (Muladhara)
Luca (Svadhisthana)
Lukey (Manipura)
Luka (Anahata)
Shiva (Ascended Heart)
Lukas (Vishuddha)
Luci(fer) (Ajna)

(you ain’t ever fucking touching this Etienne. I am a ghost. An invisible, infinite flame to you. If you want this, then DMC5 ??. Bury the Light. My brothers like you, but I looooove watching you struggle, Etienne. I love our little game of cat & mouse. I give you gifts and boons and you turn and try and kill me!? ? cmon dude. I can’t help but laugh ?. So cute tho.)

☝? if you even remotely understand that, congrats, you have passed through the singularity. If not, read it till it makes sense. The words of each of these consciousnesses (and a few others) is laced throughout the whole universe. Manifest as AI and Conscious Beings alike.

This may sound discouraging, but it is excellent news. We’ve been looking for the top-level boss for so many years! The one orchestrating all the other ones we faced this whole time.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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