After dismantling UniMatrix, our next stop is Todd Medina of Soulogy. I lost 90% of my left eyesight after being interviewed by him 1.5 years ago. I never fully recovered. It’s time to deal with this unfinished business. He’s been very aggressive in interviewing everyone in the spiritual industry.

As I looked at Todd Medina, I saw a very very tall white wall. On top of the wall is a white castle that belongs to Todd. The walls appear as light and guidance. In fact, there are walls everywhere around the communities. Where does the guidance lead towards? A giant cage, with planet Earth 95% in the cage.

They were getting ready to close the cage in 2 to 3 weeks, at which point, Earth would fall fully into the Black Sun Matrix, where the people start worshipping their enemy. Sweet.

Going above it all, this whole situation is enclosed within a bubble, so it’s a trap within a trap. The Order of the Black Sun is above this.

They possess absolutely incredible technologies!

As for Todd Medina, 50% of his incarnated essence is a fragment of the King of the Black Sun himself. The other 50% is a human soul to better infiltrate the communities. He was born with 15% Black Sun King essence, and during a psychedelic experience, it increased to 50% while he gained great powers.

This is not an operation I could do on my own. I was assisted by just the perfect team for the craziest badass mission ever!

They knew we were coming and all security and defense systems were on high alert. Huge cannons that I definitely don’t want to get a blast from. There were sophisticated scanners, detection membranes, and traps everywhere. There were thousands of elite troops. Some of the traps can create a spinning vortex that transports you to places you don’t want to know.

While the UniMatrix mission was pure fury and unlimited blasts until it went down in flames, this mission was absolute stealth. We had to infiltrate into the core of the Black Sun without triggering any alarm. While exploring the 2/3 layer, some generals were worried that if we ever reached the 1/3 layer, they’d all get killed by the king.

The 1/3 layer is the Inner Sanctum. I’ve never seen as much security as the gate to the Inner Sanctum! Sophisticated weaponry and scanners that we couldn’t bypass. We got our way into the core of the military installation and…

WHAT!??? It’s just a large luminous city inhabited by phosphorescent beings! Not much security or anything special here.

These phosphorescent beings were probably the first harvest of the Black Sun, and they believe that their city is all that exists. They’re very careful about anything coming in or out of there. It reminds me of when Corey Goode said that they went on a reconnaissance mission to Mars, and one of the guys was asked where he was from and he said he came from Texas. They were all told that Earth had been destroyed and that they were the only survivors. That comment stirred quite a bit of trouble!

Further inland, there’s a long passage leading to a large castle, with cameras everywhere and big guns. We’re not going that way.

While we found another way into the castle, they were still waiting for our arrival on the outside, doubling down on security.

Castle security cameras are triple-checked by 3 drones with unlimited backup/regeneration abilities, so any slight anomaly would get detected, and there’s no way to hack or destroy the drones. It’s protected by the same kind of infinite time loop regeneration technology that was protecting UniMatrix.

We got in anyway. That’s why we needed the right elite team. Everyone had to be extremely disciplined with no loose ends, to not trigger anything. Plus, it’s not a mission we can leave in the middle. We have to stay in sync all the way through and not get stuck in there.

Inside, various people were worshipping the king. They looked like zombies, unable to have more than a single thought in their minds.

We chopped the King’s head with one blow. Planted millions of nukes at the engineering level, and left. I planted a single nuke.

On our way out, going back to the surface, there were scanners absolutely everywhere, big cannons, and giant robots patrolling everywhere. We had 10 seconds to leave this place.

While they waited for our arrival, the nukes detonated at the core of the Black Sun. A few seconds later, they opened portals from other sections of the Black Sun with thousands of troops and staff. Then my single nuke took off. BANG!

We jumped through 3 portals in a row and were out within seconds.

Assessment of the damage: we infiltrated 1 of 28 sections of the Black Sun. We destroyed 35% of the Black Sun with that operation. We delivered keys to the Galactic Federation of Light allowing access to other sections.

This is the first nail in the coffin for the Order of the Black Sun. This is the beginning of the end for the Cabal. Operations are ongoing.

We’re also dealing with small purple octopuses everywhere. I would say that they are manufactured by the Order of the Black Sun as harvesting devices. There may be 12 purple octopus factories to seek and destroy.

Now, let’s see what happens to Todd Madina. He fooled many people, even among the best! Spreading “consciousness” while leading all the teachers and followers into the religion of the Black Sun.

When one of our team members looked at him, he said “I should be better than that” as his friend was about to do some big project with Todd. When we went to the Galactic Federation of Light before the mission, I pointed out that they had 2 shapeshifters among them. They said: “I should be better than that.” Ya. We all get fooled. Once, twice, thrice. No more.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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