I posted this on Facebook and it got censored as “causing physical harm” (??) so that indicates I touched an important topic, so let’s expand on it here.

Lots of people know of bank corruption, the Cabal, false flags and all that… but talking about non-humans? That’s where most seem to draw the line.

Thinking of it, it’s kind of awkward to think that some people still think that we’re alone in this Universe, and that there aren’t races with millions of years of evolution and technologies. There are still people who believe the Earth is flat, too.

Yet, there is no way to reach the truth without looking outside the container of our human society.

Sure, lots of people think the virus is fake (it isn’t, but it’s mostly gone. 508 planets got the virus “naturally” at once??). Lots of people talk about the SSP, the banks, politics and all that. But when it comes to the reality of what’s going on, it’s not human affairs, and up to this day, not a single truth platform has been willing the share the reality of the situation.

Why? Because the attacks come from non-humans.

Arresting the Cabal won’t do much. Disclosing the Secret Space Programs won’t do much. We have to move on. There’s more going on.

At this point, even if I was to do an interview on a major YouTube platform, the damage done during the past month is done. It’s too late to act on it. Now, we need to assess the damage and see what’s next.

A note about Trump. Both Trump and Biden have been replaced by non-humans. The non-human Trump will continue the agenda of arresting the Cabal, while at the same time pushing their agenda of mass-vaccination which leads to complete disintegration of the soul for non-humans to take over their bodies. Patriots are falling into the trap that “everything is fine” 98%.

Some Lightworkers have been working on bringing the real Trump back, and have good news in regards to bringing people back who had been taken out. We’ve successfully brought back several people back who had been replaced. Some are exploring ways to do it on a larger scale.

As a final note. For some of us, the demons attacking us are our own shadow-side. Which means we carry light fragments and dark fragments in our soul. They seek to expand your shadow so that you turn into a demon. In truth… this dark self can be useful for now. It draws all the bad energies in… into a trap so that they can be transmuted. Just focus on transmuting everything you can.

Accuracy check: 99.46% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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