Psychics are often seen as individuals with magic unexplainable abilities, but what does life look like from their perspective? As we enter the Age of Aquarius, our intuitive abilities are opening up collectively as a species, so you may want to know what this will look like for yourself.

Intuitive abilities resolve around the concept of an astral or spiritual plane inter-connecting all that is. It is not a plane of existence that is “out there”, but rather a plane of existence that is everywhere and parallel to the physical reality. In fact, everything that exists in the physical plane emerges from the spiritual plane in some way or another. It’s like infra-red light: it is all around you yet you can’t see it unless you have tools to detect those frequencies.

Psychics simply have the ability to tune into the astral plane and see the energies moving. Some can see it, in which case it is clairvoyance. Some can hear it, in which case it is clairaudience. Some can feel it, in which case it is clairsentience. Some can even smell and taste it, in which case it is clairalience and clairgustance. But the most powerful type of intuition is simply knowing what is, claircognizance, or clair-knowing. When someone knows absolutely everything you do and you can’t hide anything from him, it can become clair-annoying. All of these are partial perceptions of “what is”. A psychic with perfect perceptions would perceive all of the above at once. Each psychic could be tested and would be rated differently on each of these five types of perceptions: seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling and knowing.

Psychics are aware that their spirit expands beyond their physical body and they have the ability to project their spirit anywhere within the astral plane. For example, they could think about someone and feel that person. Some can even project their spirit into any physical location and visually see what’s happening there. Most simply have an internal intuitive guidance system that is connecting them to a greater intelligence and allowing them to make better decisions. Intuitive perceptions vary a lot between psychics, and ultimately, these are abilities we all have. It’s just that for some people, their natural abilities are less covered than for others.

For a psychic, the astral plane is composed of various layers. First, you have stillness which is beyond time and space. It has a very specific frequency to it: the teal color. Then, you have 9 rays of creation, or the force of life, that creates life through the plane of stillness. Life organizes itself through time and space in the plane of creation which also has a very specific frequency to it: the gold color. Then, you have the 3 planes of our human existence: spiritual (shiny red color), emotional (shiny white color) and physical (shiny black color),

This is knowledge that comes from Alchemy. Alchemy is a very broad subject and is simply the study of the structure of the universe and the art of transmutation of negative energy into light energy. Alchemy is the path to Enlightenment. From the perspective of an Alchemist, the structure of the Universe looks like this. The force of life creates life through 5 planes: the plane of the absolute, the plane of creation, the spiritual plane, the emotional plane and the physical plane.

When you look at it from this perspective, there’s nothing magical or unexplainable about psychics. These are simply natural abilities we all have, and every psychic develops some of these abilities to some extent. With the planetary consciousness shift we are currently going through as we enter the Age of Aquarius, we are collectively recovering this lost art and we all see our psychic perceptions gradually opening up. It can be frightening when you don’t know how to deal with it, and it can be very empowering when you align your life with the spiritual principles of life.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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