In this series of channeled book summaries, here’s another one coming from Andromedia: “Remember vs Learning: A Blueprint for Memory Recovery”. I’ve been using the new knowledge on DNA and memory structures to recover memories of an unknown past life in China, and got the memories of the whole lifetime with somewhat good clarity. However, remembering to speak the Chinese language is a different story. It requires changes to the brain structures, and 40% of the “brain cells” required for language are actually in the stomach. Thus, this article will help clarify what role the brain has in relation to the DNA memory structures.

A blueprint for memory recovery. In advanced nations, incarnation often comes with a partial loss of memories. This is due, in part, to the dissonance between the old and new environment of past and present incarnation, creating a gap in memories, and a dissociation of realities. The other reason is that many aspects of the psychic function not only through the soul but in a finely-tuned coordination between the physical body and ethereal soul.

The simplest way to look at it is this. The body is the container and the soul is the content. Let’s say you speak English in your current incarnation and Chinese in your past incarnation. Let’s say English has a round shape and Chinese has a square shape. Your body is wired to take a round shape in. If you try to put a square within the round container, it won’t fit, or you’ll get fragmented pieces here and there, which is exactly what happens when there is dissonance between the body and soul.

Depending on the species, there are neurons located in different parts of the body [in the case of humans, 62.4% in the brain, 37.4% in the stomach and 0.2% elsewhere]. Those neurons form an interactive bridge between the physical world and the soul to gain full awareness of the physical plane and to synchronize the internal and external realities. What abilities do disincarnate souls not have in comparison to incarnate souls? The grounded presence in the physical reality, a precise awareness of their location through time and space (they tend to float in a nebula), and the ability to create on the physical level, as well as learn from physical experiences.  Thus, it would make sense that the neurons are directly related to these attributes.

The soul perceives and shapes the form of your internal reality, while the neurons perceive and shape the form of your external reality. In the case of language, brain structures are not required to speak a language. Souls can fluently and easily speak many languages, often as a direct flow of data, and sometimes translated into the receiver’s language. To bring the language into physical form, control the mouth movements and control the way ears attune to the sounds, it requires a container wired for the task.

Also note that you don’t remember how to speak your language. You just know it because your brain is wired that way, and if you had to explain to someone else how to speak it, it would be hard to know what to explain — as you simply do it without conscious awareness. Thus, speaking a language in the physical plane requires building the proper neuro-pathways. It requires training and learning, not just remembering.

Which then brings the question, what’s the difference between remembering and learning? Remembering is when you access the memory structures of your soul, the content. Learning is when you build the neuro-pathways, the container.

If you take the approach of learning, that is, training to develop the container, it may or may not bring the content of knowledge from other incarnations. In many cases it rebuilds separate content that need to be developed from scratch.

If you take the approach of remembering, that is, accessing the content, it will float on a subconscious level until the container can take it in on a conscious level. The idea is then to craft a container to match the content.

How is this done? By an Alchemist who can control and influence the mind remotely. Always learn from a master. First you must loosen up the structures of the container. Second you must unlock and bring in the content as a flow of knowledge. Third you must wrap and rewire the container around this new content. The whole process can often take weeks, and can bring a mastery that otherwise would take 20 to 50 years to reach.

Remember: the role of the brain is to create a bridge between the soul structures and the physical reality. Neurons have a 5D structure that, when healthy, plug perfectly into a 6D DNA structure, like pieces of a puzzle that snap in. Once the content (soul memories) are in plane, you want to “snap in” the neuron structures around it and build clean 5D structures on the whole container, otherwise there will be leaks and gaps. Only a Master Teacher can assist you in this task, you cannot do it alone, and that’s why Masters are available.

The next task, then, will be to harmonize the meridians, which are the main pathways of communication within the body, with the content, with the container as the vehicle to allow for a smooth flow of the soul. Thus you must pay special attention to synchronize the content, container and inner communication channels for a smooth expression of the evolved inner soul into a new physical environment.

And finally, pay special attention to the ears. There are 10D helix structures around the ears that synchronize your presence within the various planes. These 10D structures are extremely important for orientation and clarity of mind. They are what allow for a high-density soul to maintain a coordinated presence both in the physical and in the astral planes simultaneously without getting lost or confused.

This is all you need to know on restoring soul structures for physical integration. The rest remains a homework for you.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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