Have you looked up in the sky recently? If so, you might have seen the Jupiter & Venus conjunction. But, WHY THE F*CK is Jupiter shining in the sky like that? I asked the question to many people, and nobody even thought about that. I searched online and there’s absolutely no information on that. Nobody is able to answer the question. Do you have any better explanation than “jupiter ignited into a sun”? A week after the conjunction, as they move away from each other, Jupiter and Venus are still shining. This article isn’t to state the truth but rather to raise questions.

People’s reaction to this is even more fascinating than the fact itself. If you search “jupiter 2nd sun” in Google, there’s plenty of scientific information as well as prophecies about it, but all of it dates from several years back. It’s not as if it couldn’t be predicted or explained. In 2009, some had thought it had ignited, and then nothing. If you search “jupiter 2nd sun” this year, however, there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING online. The only thing you can find is a video of “The Lucifer Project” where they say the cabal plans to ignite Jupiter with nukes and it will destroy us. Don’t watch it, it’s bad. It’s most likely disinformation created by the government itself to spread disinformation and fear. Since it apparently ignited and we’re still alive and well, you can discard any fear propaganda. Keep in mind that there is a lot of disinformation online, not by ignorance but by purpose. Most of the disinformation is created by the government itself to spread confusion and fear on controversial topics. Keep that in mind when you read anything on Facebook or in blogs. So that’s cool.

The people’s reactions, however, are absolutely fascinating. There’s a unanimous train of thoughts that everybody follows: not caring, not wanting to know, possibly being afraid, and believing there’s nothing unusual otherwise others would think about it, yet also being unable to provide any explanation whatsoever. Absolute consensus to refrain from thinking. I’ve seen this happen before but not nearly on this scale. The same thing happened when people believed the Earth was flat. They would say: “great proofs that the Earth is round, but who cares!” I asked the people who told me about the prophecy of the 2nd sun years ago (when nothing happened), and even them didn’t know anything and didn’t care. The information simply isn’t out there. If you want to have accurate answers, you need to ask accurate questions.

For now we have a fact: Jupiter and Venus are clearly visible in the sky even when no other stars are visible. I don’t yet know their schedule so I just see it now and then when walking outside. Both times I saw it in Mexico was between 7pm and midnight to the West. The first hypothesis I had was a UFO, which was quickly debunked as being the Jupiter & Venus conjunction; although I don’t yet see the link between the conjunction and the fact that they’re visible, nor do I know since when it’s visible. Because they’re slowly moving apart from each other, it definitely is the planets. Plus, having a 2nd sun is WAY cooler than just one more UFO sighting! The most probable theory is that Jupiter is ignited and lighting Venus enough to also be visible. If that’s the case, Venus should dim as it goes away from Jupiter.

I’m not stating as a fact that Jupiter did become a 2nd sun, but I will assume it until someone can provide any better explanation. Time will tell. If you’re skeptical, then either A) prove that Jupiter isn’t shining in the sky or B) provide a better explanation. Otherwise, if you’re saying it is BS without being able to explain it, you’re just making noise (which is what happened on Facebook).

So, what did the prophecies of the 2nd sun say (BEFORE the fear-porn governmental propaganda that led people to forget the prophecy) ? That with the changes happening throughout the solar system, Jupiter would ignite into a 2nd Sun and raise the consciousness of our planet by shining high-frequency energies. I don’t have any sources, that’s what I remember from what I’ve been told many years ago.

Since there is no information whatsoever, I looked within through meditation to look for myself. At first, I was seeing Jupiter both being ignited and normal at the same time. There were many layers of energetic veils hiding it. After removing those veils, then I clearly saw it shining and felt the warmth of it. If I close my eyes and ask to connect with Jupiter, I see a dark blue and indigo fire. I feel a highly spiritual energy of wisdom. Out of curiosity, I just searched online for the meaning of Jupiter in astrology, and sure enough “Jupiter is the thinking-person’s planet”.

Then another way to look at it to have accurate information is with my energy readings. I either read energies in terms of Embodiment or Expression/Receptivity. Since this shift of Jupiter isn’t yet being accepted, the Receptivity readings are all over the place so I’ll only read the energies of Embodiment. I will read Height × Depth of the energy frequency of the 4 main elements.

Fire: 8.2 × 9.3
Water: 3.0 × 0.1
Earth: 8.9 × 7.9
Air: 4.0 × 0.0

Having such a high fire energy might be an indication that it is in combustion although that’s up for interpretation. If I ask intuitively, I’m also getting the message that it’s only 12% ignited and that it will keep growing.

I’m not stating any facts besides that I can see this big shining object in the sky that was never there before. I’m simply asking question, and I believe answers will come with time.

There has been a LOT changing around the world since 2012, and especially in the last 2 months, although all of it is subjective and open to interpretation. If Jupiter did in fact ignite, this would be the first concrete physical prophecy to become true. I choose to view it as a confirmation that everything we’ve been promised will come to pass. Make up your own mind about it, and look at Jupiter yourself next time you go outside.

Please post a comment if you have any more information on this topic such as
– Confirming which one is Jupiter: the big or small dot
– The schedule of when/where it is visible
– Any alternative explanation

Update: Here’s a cool picture taken during day-light right after writing this @ 7:40PM in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s visible right outside my door every evening when the sun goes down for a couple of hours until it goes down West. Unless there are clouds of course. It may be different for other geographical locations.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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