I mentioned a new Orion group I just found in the last article. Everyone agrees: we need reinforcement on the ground! 500K new Orion souls will be performing walk-ins, mostly into natives population, and especially in Mexico and Peru.

They call their leader Wildberry. So far we only have military and Royal types of Orion (because when Orion got destroyed, the evacuation ship left the military bases with the military personnel to evacuate the royal families; only those 2 groups survived). Having a tribal/native type will bring a much-needed balance. They’ve been watching us for 2 months.

Their planet had 1.4 billion souls. They got hit by the Zeta beam that sent them lost in time and space, 12300 years ago. They got decimated to 43 million souls. They further got decimated to 3 million, but these are hardcore survivors. The kind of tanks we need right now.

We got over a billion empty vessels, so I told them to just pick a seat. Plenty of choice available. They are overwhelmingly choosing natives vessels. This is amazing news for the native worldwide, and to bring a balance between a modern developed world and the respect and harmony with nature. Some native shamans are looking at them coming in and wondering what the heck is going on. That’s the miracle they’ve been waiting for?

How many coming in per county
Canada: 12k
USA: 25k
Mexico: 95k
Peru: 85k
Rest of Latin America: 15k
Europe: 45k
Eastern Europe: 5.4k
Russia: 12k
China: 18k
Africa: 35k
Middle east: 5.3k
Australia: 7.9k

So: mostly Mexico and Peru

The Peruvian Elder asked Wildberry to duel to get to know him. That was interesting to watch! They then bowed and granted them passage into their territory.

I think they can do the walk-in in just 3 months instead of the regular 2-3 years.

Here’s some more good progress.

 If your consciousness is just above bare survival level, you will never go hungry. God will always provide you with what you need, at the very minimum.

While that rule applies to most Westerners, it doesn’t apply to everyone. There are plenty of people going hungry in Africa and some other countries. Why is that? It applies to only 15% of the world population at the moment.

There must be some very dark contracts and bindings that is blocking that law from coming into effect. If that fundamental law could be restored worldwide, that would cause a MAJOR shift.

It seems it has now reached 100% already. Hearing a lot of very joyous kids who are very grateful! This is sending shockwaves worldwide.

Then about the lymph skin nodes I mentioned in the last article, someone gave me a good lead to look into it. An extremely dangerous group that I didn’t recognize. Looks “Arian”-related, but I don’t know anything about those. After going on full offensive on Thoth, I’m repeating the same protocol on this group.

Those 3 updates will really accelerate things up. Major updates are coming so fast lately!

I’m also working on a new FREE video series called The Second Awakening. This will serve as an entry door for the new people coming in. Trying to make that as impactful as possible. If it can have a major impact on one awakening person, that is very major progress. If it has that impact on multiple people, even more! And if it’s something that gets shared and grows, this really can establish a new global paradigm.

Now that the war is winding down, I started doing Soul Alignment Readings again and this can help you a lot. Any map is useless if you don’t know exactly where you stand. This will tell you exactly where you stand at the moment, which will allow you to find the right solutions a lot quicker. I know everyone is drowning in their own problems and issues; many are quite good at ignoring them too. The truth is: those energetic issues don’t live well in the light. Once you know where your cracks and blind-spots are, it initiates a healing process as your awareness grows around them. Plus I go and clear the corruption infiltrated in your core. Get your energy reading here!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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