A few months ago, I talked about the humanitarian project in Pakistan to help educate poor children, both with spiritual knowledge and practical knowledge. Suneelshakir had been sending me pictures for a full year before I decided to help them, and they decided to call it the Charland Academy. Helping children and widow women who are the most vulnerable to get a new life. He’s posting a lot of pictures on their Facebook page so that you can see the situation over there.

I’m writing this update because they are in urgent need to build a roof over their head. They are studying in an open space, and the rainy season is coming. To be able to study year-long, they will need an indoor space. They will need $1500 to build that room and already have a donor for $500, so they need $1000 more. You can donate here.

There are also a couple of things I wanted to mention about this project a while back; now is a good time to share my thoughts.

First of all, why did I decide to support him? Because he has a very strong connection to God and his integrity level is extremely high. Every little money is worth 10-100x more for them than for us, and it doesn’t go for luxuries. It pays very basic needs that we take for granted.

There has been a lot of similar projects in Africa, that often fell apart after a few years. What makes this project different? If you do a project without God, it takes a lot of efforts, and if you stop 90% of the way, you get no result and everything falls apart to be forgotten forever. That’s what happens with most humanitarian projects.

On the other hand, if you bring God into your projects, and stop 50% of the way, the essence of God will keep growing on its own. There will be permanent results that compound over time, that can show in all kinds of forms. It many people do different projects in a direction, and none get to completion, it will still build momentum in that direction. Results are not tied to your completion of plans, but are rather tied to the cumulative intents of various people. In other words, a spark of light cannot be taken away.

Suneelshakir is a Catholic minority among a Pakistani Muslim majority. No matter what you think of Catholics, he’s someone who acts by the word of God, not someone who goes by doctrines.

Then, how much can we really help them when we’re heading for 15-36% of global survival rate? In Western countries, we got plenty of chances to wake up and get a new life in harmony with the Laws of God. The events that are unfolding are to clean up those who haven’t got the memo after 100 warnings. What I’m hearing from God is that those who never had a chance will be given an opportunity, and those kids in Pakistan are certainly taking it. (He managed to keep most of them non-vaccinated.)

Pakistan is also the bridge between the Eastern and Western worlds, with energy lines connecting to the mess in China, to the ever-conflicted Middle-East, and Europe that is in serious turmoil. Plus the Ukraine war that started just above. It’s an important geopolitical area to stabilize by injecting light, both energetically, physically and financially. The money we sent amplifies the Light we sent by at least 1000x, even if it’s just a little money.

Widow women are also very vulnerable, as they are often stuck to either prostitute themselves, or work transporting bricks in the torching sun. Another project he’s thinking, once he finds a way to secure the funds, is to buy a farm-land to grow food that gives good profit margin. It would feed the children and staff, allow the women to work and learn how to plan and run a business, and provides income to fund the other operations. It’s a very good project but will require planning and investors, as it will pay itself back over time. He’s got plenty of people willing to work.

>> Use this link to contribute to the Charland Academy.

You can also follow them on Facebook and view their pictures here.

Going back to yourself. There are many benefits to giving to charity. What you give out creates good karma that comes back in different forms. Even if it doesn’t, you know that it makes a very positive different for others.

I heard of a story of a business that was donating $100K per year to the church. One year, the business wasn’t doing as well as usual, and they decided to cut that expense and not donate. Their clients cut down on $100K worth of contracts that year, either by God’s decree, or by coincidence. They respected their donations after that.

Then the problem with donations is that; you can’t just start a non-profit organization and manage it on your own. You need an “independent” board of directors, except that most such directors are part of the Cabal. Thus, 90%+ of non-profit organizations are run by the Cabal, who tend to take rather large “administration” fees in best cases, or fund their own agendas.

On top of funding the Cabal and funding their agendas, this leaves good people with the impression that they’ve done their part, who then take no further actions in service to God and the planet.

Many people recommend that one donates 5-10% of their income to keep the energy circulating and open up for more (as if you horde on money, it clogs to come in).

The question then is: where to donate to really make a positive difference?

If you’ve been struggling with that question, the Charland Academy may very well be the solution!

>> You can donate here to help educate the children in Pakistan

Again, right now they need $1000 more to build a room so that they can study during the rainy season. They also want to purchase the material within the coming days as material prices will be going up on July 1st.

Thank you for your help!

One last thing. When everything looks gloomy in the world, and you get a bad day, looking at these little angels, and knowing the difference that you make in their lives, can be the spark needed to put the smile back on your face.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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