As you probably know, Joe Biden is trying to steal the US elections with corruption. At the same time, we’re dealing with a huge energetic infection push Universe-wide. Those two are directly related. The forces trying to overthrow Trump are the ones pushing the energetic infection agenda.

The energetic infection is an emerald green energy emanating from the Black Cubes that have been corrupted. It is a corruption of the Rays of Creation. The cubes were created to prevent various parties for fighting to control the root of the Rays of Creation… but the Cubes eventually got corrupted anyway. The Emerald Snake with golden eyes guarding it is dead. We’re dealing with the Cubes and the infection.

They are basically hijacking the original rays of creation to corrupt the ascension codes. Even in Royal Alchemy, the Emerald Green sceptre used to re-organize energies is corrupted. The Orion constellation doesn’t seem to be affected by this corruption of the rays though.

This is an operation that has been planned for a very long time, with agents infiltrating all important communities, including the P2P group, and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Now, this energetic infection completely takes over your will and discernment. If you ask questions about this and can’t see clearly, that’s a big red flag.

Furthermore, it feeds you with power, but not your own, so you may be feeling even better with this infection growing. That’s why many will reject the truth.

It infects all the dimensions up to 25D. Crystals are very vulnerable to their attacks, even the ones I attune. DO NOT WEAR INFECTED CRYSTALS. You can create crystal grids so that crystals feed and support each other. Some kids are great at building such grids. Either place infected crystals to be cleansed in such a crystal grid, or just put them aside in a drawer. Pay attention to the emerald green energy and you can measure the level of infection in your crystals.

It also infects your food, in a constantly-changing way like the movements of astrology. Sometimes some food will be infected, the next day it’s OK and other food is infected, and sometimes you need to eat outside your house. Pay attention to the food you eat for energetic infections.

Finally, the magenta light is effective against the infection. Also, eating sugar weakens it, so eating sugar is good for this period until January. Ask God for an injection of sugar essence combined with God’s essence, and inject it in the areas that are infected. That works well.

Everything that was feeding from this corrupted emerald green energy would keep regenerating whenever you destroy it, and wouldn’t go away. The coronavirus is directly linked into this agenda. I was expecting the virus to gradually decrease from January until June. By disrupting the energetic infection, I measure that the coronavirus already dropped 99.6%!!

The election take-over is also linked to this infection. By disrupting the energetic infection, I measure that 1.4% of Americans believe the current election results, and that Biden might win in 1.2% of timelines.

The corruption of the Black Cubes represents 45% of all the problems we face. For those waiting for an energy reading, all this is the reason I hadn’t been able to do the reading yet. If I do your reading now, it will be just to tell you your current level of infection. It’s hijacking everything else so everything else doesn’t really matter for now.

Accuracy check: 99.9984% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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