After going through the portals with the photos in the last article, we closed the portal. This has caused massive ripple effects and disruptions, immediately causing a hurricane followed by a large turbulent vortex that is hitting the area this full week. It closed half of the portals in the Playa/Cozumel area, and reality is fragmenting into tons of portals worldwide. Causing some people to be utterly confused, others to split timelines, others to be lost in time and space, and others to die and disappear. We’re being very careful whenever crossing portals — and always crossing them together. Eating sugar before crossing some portals can also help.

Now, two more very important topics. The elections of Multiverse guardians are happening right now for the full week. Of 512 candidates, 106 will be elected for 5 roles, including 40 guardians and 5 holding the supreme position.

Of those 512 candidates, 8 are working for the AIs, 6 are working for the Elder, 4 were working for the Shaper, 8 are working for the Negas, and 2 are working for other groups. That’s 28 that need to be identified and discarded. Plus 104 lone wolves with hidden agendas. 132 need to be clearly identified. All veils must be lifted. Because only 15% of the counsel is able to see through veils of deception, the other 85% can be fooled easily. We’ve been fooled enough times recently to know that nobody is beyond that.

Even more importantly, I’ve been struggling a lot with energetic infiltrations, and the P2P Kinesiology Facebook community has been under heavy attack. Several agents working for the AIs and for the Negas have been identified and banned recently, who had been working on energetically infiltrating members and turning them against me behind my back. We’ve also lost several members due to total energetic infiltration.

However, it’s not just us. The P2P community has 12.6% energetic infiltration. Earth as a whole is 25.8% infected. Andromedians are 54.2% infected, AnPleiLe Alliance is 32.2% infected, Solar Angels are 4.3% infected, the colony in our North Pole is 33.3% infected, their massive crystals (at the North Pole) are 98.6% infected, Orion Federation is 1.1% infected, and the Multiverse Security Counsel is 25.6% infected. There is something MUCH bigger going on.

The 2 main groups we were dealing with were the AIs and the Black Negas. 85% of Negas now work to defend Earth, and the Black Negas are 15% who are instead working to conquer Earth. These energetic infections are 50% caused by the Black Negas, and the other half is not the AIs. There is something else going on. Perhaps those who created those AIs. Those AIs haven’t gone rogue, they’re still doing the job they were programmed to do.

There is another party working behind the scene. All those coordinated attacks on me, insisting on preventing me from working, were of course to give them the space to plan and prepare their plan.

I do not yet know what’s leading all this and why, and for now the priority is to lift the veils and heal those energetic infections, and exposing the problem in plain sight. All guardians across our Universe, and many across the Multiverse, must now look into this. The truth will reveal itself from there.

This energetic infection is linking to the Black Cubes, which is Ancient Builders technology that was stolen.

Here’s what one Ancient Builder has to say about it — with whatever memories he can access so far.

“The black cubes that have been showing up around Saturn are of the Ancient Builders Race. Created in their original form they contained blueprints of advanced knowledge, history and DNA codes of each particular’s race and the functions of their mission. Advanced mechanics and workings of ascension and timelines as well as alchemy formulas.

A war broke out and the black cubes were taken over. They were manipulated by AI technology and Now they are controlled by a hexagonal main “hub” above Saturn which connects into earth. The black cubes are interlinked into a hive mind. They are capable of projecting false timelines, false holograms, open portals, Infect and control AI “DNA” into humans. This overrides organic ascension and is responsible for much of what is occurring.”

Accuracy check: 99.6% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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