I just came back from CEO Space, after weeks of intensive energy work to prepare the space. Really, I have been working on the club for 2 years now. This was a military operation on the ground to break the False Light Matrix and give space for the Light to take roots in business environments. Because of the ongoing heat and various aspects not yet being resolved, I’m not going to mention any names.

First, the person in the faculty who gave me trouble last time (in October) has been banned from the club, or told he could only be in the faculty once a year. He had sat next to me, said my energy was the wrong color and that I’d get nothing from the club with this energy, went behind me, placed his hands on my neck and spine and said “the problem is right there” while trying to place an energetic lock on my spine. Bad idea. He did the same on other healers. Now they know he’s doing social engineering and mind programming for the Cabal and he’s no longer a threat. From what I know, there were still 4 other members present with ties to the Cabal that I spotted back in October, 3 of them were watching me very closely this time. As the vibration of the club went up, they became obvious to identify as their energy didn’t go up at all and the dissonance between them and the environment kept increasing over the days. So far I measure 100% accuracy on this.

Back when I graduated at CEO Space nearly 10 years ago, the energy vibration was at 412 on the Hawkins scale. I then had stopped going for many years and many entrepreneurs told me it had gone way out of alignment. 2 years ago when I was instructed from above to start working on the club, the vibration was 18, completely infested with Archons with many Cabal agents and it has drawn many Annunaki souls. When I went in October, I managed to get the vibration up to only 118, and saw the situation was much worse than I expected. It was hosted right next to the mind control hub of Disney World, so I had to work on the mind control hub, giant mind control octopuses, and child trafficking networks, on top of working on CEO Space. It since has moved into a much better location.

While preparing for this forum, I was trying to disconnect the club from the False Light Matrix before going, and instead the whole False Light Matrix, as well as the Disney-Vegas Axis Grid, 99% collapsed. Good enough. The vibration went up to 512 before the week started. By the end of the week, we got the vibration all the way up to 1190, but the members were still at 380 and the faculty still at 38. The way the mind control structures worked was by focusing on controlling or restraining the minds of the faculty, and then surrounding the members with the energy of faculty, and thus holding the entire club within the container. The problem that happened this time, as the faculty surrounded the room to hold the space, is that my own energy was 38 times stronger than the whole faculty combined. They didn’t know how to handle my energy to say the least.

Except those with ties to the Cabal, the teachers in the faculty are great people, most of which I’ve known for nearly 10 years. One of them asked me to do healing work on her, and it was extremely difficult because of all the emotional baggage she was carrying from her industry, and because of the mind control structures that had been placed on her. This was very heavy-duty work, but by the time we were done (another healer was helping me), the club as a whole went from 998 to 1100. I also did some work on another guy in the faculty on the last day while chilling at the bar, and removed very tight mind control structures around his energy that were restricting his thoughts and behaviors. He felt a lot freer after removing just that. I haven’t had a chance to work on the other faculty members. This 2nd mentor I worked on was telling me how he missed the good old days where they’d play guitar by the fire pit until dawn. It was a completely different ambiance. Almost none of the members from back then are going anymore, but the few who were there back then saw the shift over the years and were thanking me for the work I’m doing. I got the feeling several old members will start coming back now.

It was also interesting to watch people’s reactions. I presented myself like this: “I help people remember why they chose to incarnate on this planet at this time, remember who they were before that, and what skills, abilities and powers are locked within their soul, and understand the shifts unfolding in the world. I help them recover their true soul powers and step into their divine alignment so they can do what they came here to do.” Some were very intrigued, some avoided me, and some were offended. I was suggested many times to tone down my message so people can understand it — but softening my blade would be counter-productive and betray those who are faithful to my work and who are following me because of the way I state the truth as it is without diluting it. If someone doesn’t believe in reincarnation, I really don’t want him as a client. The objective of communicating with them is to shake old beliefs and plant seeds, and I think it achieved that goal very well. Those with the strongest negative reactions were those in the fields of psychology and spirituality with the highest status, and instead of softening my message for them, I came to the conclusion I was best to just avoid them and not worry about it, and keep my blade of truth sharp.

I also got feedback that people were discussing about me and the weird stuff I was saying, and usually not in a positive way. And guess what? There are tons of healers and coaches in the room, and only one everybody is going to remember. That’s good.

So, I’ve gone around and did free healing sessions on everybody asking for it. Working on lots of pains in the back, shoulders, neck and head, with great success. I even did some healing on Sharon Lechter who is a famous billionaire, as everybody was lining to get advice from her, she got something back and was very grateful. I also know that people of high status don’t accept receiving energy healing from just anyone. Lots of people got to experience the work and saw it was extremely powerful. I also worked with a group of 4 on Tuesday and 5 on Thursday to connect with the Christ Consciousness and use the healing powers themselves. I got several video testimonials which I’ll need to put together. This was also a huge success.

Yet what I’ve seen in other events (where my books sold out) was that during the event, with all the intense healing work I’m doing, they’re in a heightened energetic space and want to know more about my work. Then after they go home into their old environments, the energy goes back down because although they may be ready for my work,  their environment isn’t ready to take that kind of energy, and they aren’t at a place to commit to shifting their whole environment yet. The same will probably happen this time, however many wanted to learn more about me and stay up-to-date as I’m heading for my next adventure in China — which promises to be something.

However, something is different this time. I invested $1700 to go to CEO Space and since coming back 3 days ago, I received $1900 in new sales. Not from CEO Space, but from people who had been in contact for a long time and who finally could get the work started at that exact timing. It’s a clear sign the grid has shifted.

One of them was deeply entangled into all the BS of the coaching and spirituality industries, and has gone through a whole lot of programs. Coaching and spirituality are highly competitive fields where everybody is trying to impose their beliefs onto each other, and it’s a big game of whose beliefs have the most influence. Just clearing all the emotional baggage and mental clutter from her energy required a lot of work — and could lead to a partial collapse of that whole entanglement web. Then one of the coaches she had been learning from was really about selling a way of living a spiritual dream within the matrix. When meditating, there’s a river representing the flow of Life into our own lives. Her river looked like a pristine blue Caribbean sea with sailboats. It’s an illusion, a false paradise where people settle and stop their evolution. We threw crystal balls into the water to clear the illusions, and it was like taking the lid off a bat with the water swirling and draining out. Beneath that was a very small and distorted river that was highly polluted, and we did a lot of work to restore a proper river without any glitter or distortion. As for the pristine sea, the boats are still floating up in the air, and they represent people’s dreams and aspirations, that are now laying in the void and rotting. It’s not a pretty sight. Some people will have a very hard time integrating that one.

So that’s about it for now. The False Light Matrix is going away, and although the higher energies aren’t taking much roots yet, it is leaving space for a few individuals to explore beyond the boundaries of the False Light Matrix so this opens the space for new opportunities. As for CEO Space, it will take 2 or 3 forums to adapt to this massive energetic shift. Since I’m going to Asia, I won’t be going back until 2 years and I expect things to be very different next time.

Alright that’s all for now, talk later.

Accuracy check on whole article: 92.9% (how to measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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