First of all, I want to apologize. I have 8 Soul Alignment Readings in-line to do and haven’t been able to do them yet. I’ve been traveling to Quebec for the past 2 weeks, and focused all my energy to deal with the energetic dynamics over there. The veil separating the astral and physical planes in Sherbrooke went from 92.6% to now 0.3%. Nevada went from 63.5% to 20.4%. I couldn’t do the distance healing and energy readings while dealing with that. I’ll be going back to Mexico Saturday so I’ll be more able to get it done then. If you made an order and prefer a refund due to those delays, just send me an email.

There are massive psychic storms that started on December 19th when moved to Quebec, as expected. Psychic storms are often followed with meteo bombs, so the cold vortex is no surprise. I won’t focus too much on the storm, but I simply interpret it as such: When a new reality asserts itself, it gives the chill to those who fight to preserve the existing reality.

Last week, a Juggernaut had been piercing through CEO Space, which I had been working on for a while. A Juggernaut is the Train of Life, the strongest force in the Universe, it looks like a meteor of pure fire of creation from God. It destroys or transmute anything in its path and cannot be stopped. My advice: follow the train, ride the train, but never get in its way. It took several days to break through the energetic tensions and blockages of the entrepreneurs club because of serious demonic/Cabal infiltration, but it eventually went through. The first time I went to the club 10 years ago, it had an alignment of 34.6%. Last time I went in October, it had an alignment of 0.3%. After I left, the alignment went up to 13.4%. After the Juggernaut passed through, it now has an alignment of 43.6%. This should solve a few things.

Now a new Juggernaut has been cast over “UNOTV” in Mexico, who spam the population via cellphone text messages reminding them of every disaster and atrocity taking place, and it’s backed by *extremely* powerful black magic. Me and Thor had been working on demolishing that for months and failed. There’s a LOT more to it than just spam. It’s part of the backbone of the mind control infrastructure holding old paradigms in place.

The new Juggernaut has been cast straight on UNOTV, or in fact on 2 alien bases just beneath it. This Juggernaut is 16x bigger than the last one, juicy and angry female sexual energy, a gift from Kali, the Goddess of Destruction. I expect this one to require 3 weeks to pass through. Indeed, the night after it was cast, several people reported having terrible headaches like if their head was about to explode. That’s why.

I expect 4 million to take a direct hit, 36 million people will take a side impact, and half of the planet will be indirectly affected. You can expect anything. [Side note: stabilizing the energy fields of clients with Soul Alignment Readings / Energy Tune-Up can be challenging while all that chaos is breaking through, but I’ll get it done once I get the chance]

I don’t have much more to talk about for now, I just wanted to give some updates on that and on why the energy readings were taking so long. Thanks for your patience 🙂

Also it’s fascinating to look at what’s happening with Bitcoin. The 2 major dates were December 8th when I purchased $150 worth of coin and it stalled, and December 17th when I released a prediction video where it crashed back down. I guess the video had more impact on it than I expected. We’re still working on fully breaking the financial veil; it’s apparently not yet done. It should be done when the Juggernaut passed through in 3 weeks. Until then, fasten your seat-belt, stand back, and relax.

Until later!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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