The Purpose and Prosperity Live Event was last week-end and it was really amazing. I really gave my maximum (10am to 10pm for 3 days) so that the guys get the results. They had a very profound inner transformation and now have clarity about the exact actions to take for their desires to become a prosperous reality.

Since we had a woman from Dubai in the group, I could see the impact of Self-Awakening videos on her and the way she resists or reacts to it. There was resistance to the feminine energy. That’s because femininity means vulnerability which exposes all the fears and insecurities within. That’s the reason why women have resistance to the feminine energy.

In order to awaken the feminine in a safe way, it may be important to first ground masculinity to the earth in order to create a zone of protection. Once that masculine core is grounded and a woman can energetically protect herself without walls, then it becomes safe to open up her beauty like a flower.

Also, I previously talked about the concept of dominant polarity. The issue is not really about that. Masculinity and femininity are two different and separate aspects, like your left leg and your right leg. There’s no point in comparing them, you need both. The solution is to simply honor and respect the feminine as much as you honor and respect the masculine. Once a woman honors, respects and develops her femininity, everything naturally falls into proper balance. Masculinity is essential for business. Femininity is essential for relationships. Use the proper leg in the proper circumstance.

I’m considering the idea of hosting a Feminine Awakening and Transformation Live Event in Thailand with Rion Freeberg, for women. In order to do that, I would have to know that we have enough women interested in it. The woman from Dubai who came to Montreal is definitely interested and could bring some friends, and we would also need more women. If you are a woman and might be interested in this, send me an email to let me know your interest.

Also, I will be hosting a Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event for men in Thailand, probably in September, although the details aren’t fixed yet. It will be similar to the event in Medellin (which sold out in 2 days) and we’ll bring the whole experience a couple of levels up. I will teach the methodology of how to read energy profiles for the first time, and Rion’s job will be to keep you balanced and grounded. The price will also be considerably higher than at the last event. I already had a list of 4 people who may be interested and most people who came to Montreal are also interested in this upcoming event. There are only 8 spots available and I will contact these people first before announcing the event publicly. That means more than half of the spots will be gone by the time we announce it to 7000 people and the remaining spots will be gone very quickly. If you want to go to this upcoming event in Thailand, send me an email with your name and phone number and you will get a chance to book your spot before it gets announced openly and sells out. The details will be announced within the next few weeks and the event WILL BE SOLD OUT before next month. If you want to take this opportunity, make sure to save or find some money for when it gets announced.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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