Many people told me that they tried everything in self-development and don’t see results. I explained some reasons why in the article How to Get RESULTS Instead of “Gathering Information”, in the video Why the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Everybody and in the video Why Self-Development Brings Unsatisfying Results. I just realized another reason why many people aren’t seeing results.

I was pondering about why some people have huge resistances to some of the concepts I talk about. Many women get on their defenses and jump off the boat whenever I talk about femininity. I also lose some people when I say that positive thinking and living in unconditional love isn’t enough and that you have to directly deal with problems. For example, many lightworkers are being attacked psychically (or even physically) and simply focusing on love will not resolve the challenges that this brings.

Many people don’t progress because they identify themselves by their problems. If it defines who you are, removing those problems would be killing your identity of self, which your subconscious mind won’t allow to happen. In order to let go of problems and limitations in your life, you have to shift your sense of identity towards what you want to achieve in life and your unique experience of life.

What I just realized is that something very similar happens to people in spirituality and energy healing. Many people identify themselves by their spiritual principles such as unconditional love and positive thinking. Instead of identifying themselves by the negative aspects of their lives, they identify themselves by the positive aspects of their lives. This causes very similar issues. These people get defensive and evasive whenever someone or something challenges their spiritual beliefs, which I see all the time. This is a very legit reaction as challenging their spiritual beliefs is threatening to kill their identity of self, which their subconscious mind won’t allow to happen.

Holding onto any beliefs, whether positive or negative, prevents you from being centered and moving forward. If you want to drive a boat and it is attached to the dock, it doesn’t matter whether it is attached in the front or in the back. If it is attached anywhere, it won’t leave the dock. It is tricky to let go of positive principles such as positive thinking and unconditional love because people don’t realize these are holding them back. When you hold onto the principle of only living in unconditional love, it implies ignoring the negative and not being fully present to what is really happening in your life. It implies filters in your mind denying part of reality. If you don’t move forward in life and the speed you desire, this can definitely explain why.

So what’s the solution? Don’t hold onto any beliefs or principles, whether positive or negative. In order to do that, you must shift your identity of self to what you want to achieve in life and your unique experience of life. If the belief that masculine power is the definition of a modern woman isn’t part of a woman’s self-identity, it won’t make her run away when someone talks about femininity and flow. Instead, it will open her to new possibilities.

If you were not defined by your problems and not defined by your spiritual principles, who would you be? Post a comment with your answer to this question.

I am also getting more clarity about who is resonating with the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal. Most of the people going there are young adults with vision who want to start living their purpose and who are tired of living a story of lack and scarcity. They want to break their story of lack, overcome their fears and self-sabotage, learn an action plan to make their vision a reality and they want to live their life differently. Breaking down the stories and beliefs of lack will be an interesting experience… These stories are not who you are 😉

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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