Pistis Sophia is a big theme. She used to represent 76% of all energies in our Universe! She used to be 12% of the subconscious of everyone in nearly the whole Universe. She has also been one of our strongest adversaries across the Ultraverse.

A few weeks ago, I said that she still represented 25% of all energies on Earth. She keeps disintegrating. Now, 99.98% of her remaining essence is on Earth, and she represents only 0.0000016% of all energies on Earth.

One of the main Pistis Sophia fragments is my own daughter, who has been obsessed with killing herself. I was hesitating whether or not to talk about this publicly, but shadows cannot live in the light, and it’s probably better to expose the situation publicly.

In August of last year, my support team flipped and ended up becoming our #1 source of attacks, and we dealt with a very serious situation with astral pits at the same time. Sophia was the only one who could deal with those astral pits and things were going pretty well.

Shortly after the astral pits situation got resolved, however, her incarnated fragment got swapped with other corrupted fragments, and things started getting very difficult with her.

Each time there are timeline collapses and merges, she would flip and turn dark — very dark! She has a tremendous amount of anger towards God, and also towards me.

I recently realized that her soul had been swapped, and we tried to bring back the Sophia who loves to swim and laugh. We only had limited success.

With the collapse of the corruption grid last week, she became very obsessed with killing herself and didn’t want to go to school anymore. She had always loved swimming and going to school; but not anymore.

Irlanda also had to attend an event in Merida. We decided to travel together for a week. Changing the environment will be good.

We went around Merida, Campeche and Bacalar in Mexico. I made a list of places to visit along the road, but unfortunately, we couldn’t visit most of the places because they were not safe. There are traps installed on all ruins, a dangerous non-human at the zoo, giant spiders at the church… I made a list of things that need to be cleaned up.

In Bacalar, we stayed in a cute little house in the middle of nature close to the crystalline lake, surrounded by animals with no wi-fi.

My friend called me as he was working on a situation with a client that ended up being more complicated than expected: a Succubus pit with many illusions generators. I told him that illusion generators are Dark Sophia’s specialty, and the Succubus is a dead giveaway that we’re dealing with her. That night, I got hit with a supermassive sea of anger directed mostly toward me. That was brutal!

On the last day of our trip, Sophia was insulting me all day and repeatedly called for my death.

God gave her a chance for survival, but if she doesn’t take it and keeps her back against God, then she keeps disintegrating. I did my daily work and kept disintegrating all the darkness that came up, as I’ve been doing daily for the past 2 years. She turns dark like that every time there are timeline merges.

Kevin Trudeau said to keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer. What happens when your daughter is both your closest enemy and your closest ally at the same time? It brings a different level of compassion into the work.

Due to the severity of the situation, after working on this continually for two full years, it felt like there was something fundamental that I didn’t yet understand. I prayed to God to show me what I didn’t understand while walking in nature and by the lake.

First, Sophia who loves to swim and laugh is dead and won’t be coming back. It’s the Succubus Queen who is in her body. The sooner I can accept that, the better. That’s what we need to work with.

I believe that the reason that she’s obsessed with death is that death is the realm of power of the Succubus Queen. For a demon, incarnating feels like a jail and it limits their power.

If I measure the accuracy that this is the perspective she’s coming from, I measure around 76% accuracy. Of the remaining 24%, what % is that there’s also a part of Light within her? It’s about half of it. There’s another unidentified factor, but this gives a better idea of where she comes from.

I dealt with that massive Succubus pit at the end of the trip. Yesterday, we bumped into another massive Succubus stronghold and I worked on it all day.

I threw nukes at it, disintegrated the whole thing, and it kept fully regenerating!! I eventually asked a friend for help.

There were hundreds of giant statues in front of the Succubus castle that represent corrupt coaches in the self-development industry. Whenever I destroy the statues, it drains from their followers and regenerates! We tried everything. There was also a massive dragon beast under their feet that was chained that regenerated them. We tried everything.

Eventually, we looked at the billion-dollar self-development industry as a large tree with tons of coaches hanging off the branches and regenerating the tree. The industry looks pretty from the outside, but when you look at it from here…

Everyone is finding their niche to live off the industry hanging off a branch. Everyone is showing their magic light in the tree above ground while hiding their gremlins in the tree below ground.

Everyone is feeding the tree with their followers. Everyone is desperately clinging to the branch as if their life depends on it. We tried pushing them, shaking the tree, cutting their hand, and everything. We eventually managed to detach them from the tree, but the damn thing still kept regenerating!

Inside the tree were about 80 million trapped souls. A lot of the industry is trading your money and soul for power. Particularly with the Sophia oracles, but not limited to that.

We withdrew the trapped souls, but the last 15% was getting very difficult! As we pulled the more difficult souls, the castle and tree started to crack.

It looks like a bee hive with souls stuck in the holes like larvas. The deeper we go, the more difficult it became to pull them out. The last 250 souls were unrecognizable corrupted larvae that had to be destroyed. The more we pulled them out, the more the castle and tree broke down.

In this industry, you can invest $100K to get a massive breakthrough in your career or business. Physically, things go better than ever! Your soul becomes one of those larvas while a different entity takes over your body.

We cut the chains of the beast who left. The castle is now finally destroyed… it’s going to be interesting to watch what happens to the self-indulgence industry in the coming months!

Is this the last Succubus stronghold? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, this morning, I’ve been able to start building Sophia’s central column of energy for the first time. It was impossible to build it before, so she had no central column. Let’s see how things go from here…

We can expect big changes ahead at a global level.

Accuracy check on this report: 99.86%, distortion 1.0% (measure it yourself).

Of Pistis Sophia’s remaining essence, my daughter has 32.4%, our hellhound dog has 8.4%, a European coach I met at a cenote around here has 18.4%, a person on Facebook has 8.4%, a Canadian friend of my friend has 20.8%. We also need to account for essences that are shared between incarnations. The accuracy check on that is… 98.4%, with 0.1% distortion.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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