We’re finally making some great progress that may very well be our path to redemption.

First, we’ve been getting a lot of attacks and interference from the Pleiadians lately. Second, I saw this video that explains the vampiric nature of the Metatronic grid, and invites people to instead connect to another Krystic Grid. Metatronic grid vibrates at 480, Krystic grid at 800. That video has 60K views. Third, we’ve been getting attacks from silver beings lately shooting with snipers.

I got my team together and we investigated all that. Doing missions in teams of 2 to 4 skilled people is where the game is at, to look at things from various perspectives at once. It allows us to go at least 10x deeper.

The guy who produced the video was standing in a castle in the Krystic grid. He did not create it. He got there just like us, established his presence there, and tried to figure out what to do with it. There’s only so much you can do on your own.

The video had tons of veils. After clearing them, I measure about 32.4% accuracy only. The castle has lots of veil generators, stolen technology from Dark Sophia. It contains a lot of stolen technologies.

The Pleiadians are deeply connected into that Krystic grid. The silver beings also live there. They’re just seeing us appearing in their fields and they attack anything that comes nearby. Various people established their presence into that grid.

While the Metatronic grid leeches 45% of your energy, the Krystic grid leeches 18% of your energy while you grow 20% per year, meaning that it’s designed to be sustainable.

That grid is designed as a fail-safe mechanism to prevent consciousness from dropping too low. It’s really what it was designed for.

It was designed to quarantine individuals whose consciousness dropped too low. The quarantine isn’t connected to God to prevent infection of the higher dimensions. This explains the low vibration of the grid.

Considering that it is really designed as a fail-safe mechanism and that it is designed to leech in a self-sustainable way, I’m fine with that. It can serve as a transition path and can be reprogrammed now and later.

This quarantine zone was designed for individuals and not for entire planets. We thus reprogrammed it to add connection to Source and to be more suitable for entire planets.

With divine intervention, the silver beings have been trapped into cages and brought elsewhere. The territory is being given to us.

The reprogramming of the grid has been a success! The grid went from a vibration of 800 to 32640!

A lot of people are connected into that grid, both in the spiritual community and in the Pleiades. It’s going to be interesting to observer how these people integrate the grid shift.

Various people have independently validated that this will be our path out of this madness.

If you remember a few years back, we were trying to build Skyranet to serve a similar purpose. That network had not worked. The Krystic Grid could be considered a new version of it.

Connecting into the grid has a good stabilizing effect on my field, and I’m satisfied with it.

To connect or disconnect from the grid, we’ve added the following commands: “Krystic Grid On” and “Krystic Grid Off”. Just set the intent and speak the words in your head.

This is major development that will have huge consequences.

Furthermore, I spoke about the Ergomenon Crystals in my book The History of the Universe. There are updates in that regards.

All the guardians of the Crystals had been taken out, and the crystals dropped to 34% health. Someone has been repairing them, and they’re now at 93% health. They’re operational again!

Those who are repairing them, their own crystals dropped to 12% health and are now at 43% health, so they’re focusing on ours first.

What’s interesting about the Ergomenon Crystals is that you cannot think anything negative about it. Just try to say something bad about it — you can’t.

They’re a library of the Orion collective consciousness and knowledge that teleported to Earth 12300 years ago when the planet of Satrimono, the main planet of the Orion Federation, got destroyed. It already knew that Earth would become the new center.

They’re currently getting back into operation, but it will still take about 50 years to fully activate them.

Right now, the Guardians sub-system is being re-initialized. Applications are now open for probation guardian roles!

The Ergomenon Crystals are absolutely powerful, but the problem is that they couldn’t get activated. The Krystic Grid may provide the pathway to activate them.

Overall, the combination of reprogrammed Krystic Grid + Ergomenon Crystals is going to be very potent.

Now we still got the Pleiadians to deal with…

One more thing. There has been attempts to take down the Metatronic grid for 6 cycles of 26000 years that failed, and this is the 7th attempt. Considering that the Orion Federation worked closely with Metatron, we were deeply stuck into that Metatronic grid. This explains why the Federation had to be destroyed 12300 years ago before the corruption grid could be taken down. The dots are connecting in my head.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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