As promised, here’s an update in regards to Earth ownership. I looked at the Arcturian registry. There are three active claims on Earth:

1962: Draco Royal purchased Earth (from Pleiadians?)

1975: Someone in the Dark Arcturian King family claimed ownership over ancestral rights

1989: Earth deemed unclaimable by Pleiadian court decision. We’re declared savages, granting us natural reserve protection.

Draco Royal claimants have been eliminated and their claim is thus invalidated. We detect no survivors.

As for the Arcturian claimant, things get more interesting. I looked at the registry in the future and it reads “Self-governed independent Federation.”

I spoke with Earth’s claimant about what was unfolding and he seemed collaborative. He’s a business person and said he lost many planets and wanted peace. The double-sided snake then proceeded to send a fleet of 54 ships toward Earth.

This gets into hardcore Jupiter Ascending. If you haven’t seen that movie, watch it.

I got slightly annoyed and blew up the entire fleet of 54 ships.

This guy is running a massive slave trading business throughout the Universe. He’s also producing and selling immortality elixirs like in that movie.

I physically destroyed 2876 slaves trading outposts, 1695 ships, 1 large elixir manufacture planet, and 16 elixir trading outposts. I shut the business down. It wasn’t their day.

This Federation acts as a hub holding many dark timelines in place. This leads to a massive collapse of timelines and possibly the destruction of the entire sector.

The rampant corruption and covering of slave trading also make the legitimacy of their regime very questionable.

We had no choice. To prevent me from destroying them and to prevent a full collapse, the Orion Federation stepped in with half of their entire fleet for a full audit. Martial law gives them legal authority.

They’ve been expecting attacks from millions of dark timelines and pocket Universes. There have indeed been massive timeline collapses and merges this week! This adds to the recent collapse of the corruption grid where over 132 Universes collapsed.

About 25% of the Arcturian locals are in support of the Orion Federation. This is a miracle they have been waiting for a very long time!

Many arrests have been made, and Earth’s claimant has been sent to a high tribunal. Corrupt agents are being weeded out.

This sector is important for the stability of the Universe. At the same time, the Orion Federation is the only Federation that remains.

We have to ask ourselves what the new legal system will be not only on Earth but also across our Universe.

The only solution is for the Orion Federation to expand and establish its law across the entire Universe.

There will be three sets of laws: commercial laws for active members, fundamental laws for passive members that want more independence, and safeguard laws for hostile planets.

The Orion Federation is decentralized in its nature, and they are united by shared intents. One difference is that the Orion Federation recognizes Mandates from Heaven in its legal system, whereas the Arcturian Federation doesn’t.

This is a complicated matter that will take time to sort out.

For now, there are 18 million ships in Arcturia and they are downloading codes of a new legal system into the planet, as well as on Earth. The crystal codes being transferred vibrate at 48 million on the Hawkins scale.

The Pleiadian Federation is watching on the sideline with mixed reactions. The corruption in that sector will be dealt with later, once the shapeshifters are out.

This take-over of the Arcturian Federation should give about 50% control over the Dark Orion planets, or at least weaken them. Shutting down the slave and elixir businesses is already a very massive blow for them.

Let’s see how these recent developments reflect on Earth! There will no longer be any legal ground for whatever they had been doing on Earth.

The situation is to be watched very closely as it unfolds.

11 giant defense totems have been activated on that planet.

Accuracy check on this report: 98.8%, distortion 0.2% (measure it yourself).

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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