Wanted to give a couple of quick updates.
First, during the worst of the war, I was offering priority healing/support for $30K for the year — that’s all I could take. As things progressed, I could lower that to $12K and take more people.

Now, if I was to lower this from $1000 to $500 per month, would more people be interested in direct healing and support? I might consider it only if several people join to compensate. I’ll now be able to take a few more people. Contact me if interested for the details.

Then, since uncovering the anti-christ…

For someone who never took medicine for years, I’m taking quite a lot lately. A week for urine infection, a week for crazy headache, and this week for inflammation. It has certainly been a rough ride lately. Meanwhile, the guy who wrote the email I showed the other day sent me 214 emails. I don’t know whether he’s responsible for all for atrocious genocides or wasting my time but he looks completely insane.

On some better news…

Major victory last night in the upper prisms of creation. The African spirit mask Baca, guardian of Africa, had been fighting the Beast since forever. This explains all the sufferings in Africa. There’s a whole ecosystem up their league up there. When we asked him how we were doing, he showed us the size of an ant next to a bull. Then he showed us an ants nest 10x bigger than the bull. These civilizations got split in two, those siding with the beast and those siding with God. Baca got kicked out and the others imprisoned. I free them all… endless. There’s the ants nest. Can now connect much more directly with God, something had been blocking for a while.

Still, there remains much bigger problems… could mean 9 more years of battle if we’re not careful and they find us. Need to talk with God for a solution, and a permanent solution to the bigger problems. May God bless us all.

As for the book Build a God-Based Business & Understand the War, 86 people have read it so far, half of whom have been in my list for over 3 years, many for 10 years. Getting a lot of good feedback from that book! You can get it here.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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