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Let’s consider this idea. God is the Light. Money is the Water. Your project is the plant. The Purpose is the Flower. The product or service is the Fruit.

The light instructs the plants how to grow. Plants need both water and light to survive, and then plants purify and circulate the water. The flower is the consequence of having the plant aligned with the light. Flowers turn into fruits. People feed themselves from the fruits. Some of the fruits evolve into more plants.

Let me say that one more time.

God instructs the projects on how to grow. Projects need both money and God to survive, and then projects circulate and purify money. The purpose is the consequence of having the project aligned with God. Purpose turns into products and services. People feed themselves from the products. Some of those services evolve into more projects. And thus, the garden grows.

Now, if you focus only on the flower, skipping the light and water, all you’ll get is a dry plant.

If you focus only on the purpose, skipping God and money, all you’ll get is a dry project.

The purpose is the byproduct of having a project aligned with God, not the other way around. You can grow flowers in the sunlight, but you can’t produce sunlight by sharing flowers.

In other words, doing good actions for others does not serve as a substitute for connecting with God. Most conscious entrepreneurs substitute their connection with God with good actions and good products, but it’s not the same thing. You cannot substitute your connection to God with good actions.

The right actions will flow naturally as a consequence of being connected to the Light.

Looking at it that way, flowers can grow out of any plants. Purpose can grow out of any projects. Earthquakes and tsunamis can serve a purpose. Homeless people can serve a purpose. Everything can serve a purpose. An investment company can certainly serve a purpose, and a real-estate company can certainly serve a purpose. At the end of the day, the Light will instruct you what kind of plant to grow, and which kind of flowers you will get.

God is the Light. Money is the Water. Your project is the plant. The Purpose is the Flower. The product or service is the Fruit. The idea is the seed.

You cannot create neither light nor water, but it’s all around. All you have to do is to open yourself to receive it. If you live in the desert, you can borrow enough water to grow plants until you create an oasis. You have to be willing to borrow the water you need to get started and grow.

Now, if you use artificial light, or genetically modified seeds, then you’ll create plants within an artificial matrix. Which is pretty much what’s happening nowadays. Look for clean seeds, clean light, and clean water, and you’re good to go. Clean idea, clean connection to Source, and clean money. You will get a beautiful project and beautiful flowers that will reproduce.

It seems effortless when you look from the outside, but if you look closely, you may realize that the plant broke through an inch thick of concrete and completely destroyed the asphalt. Is the plant working hard or not?

If you have light but no water, you’ll just get dry plants. God but no money produce dry projects.

If you have water but no light, you’ll get mushrooms and moisture. Money without God only creates problems.

Wanting to live in a moneyless society is like wanting to live in a world without water.

When you focus on God first as light, money second as water, pour it on your project as a plant until it grows, it naturally produces its purpose as flowers, which turns into products and services as fruits, which then either feed people or turn into ideas as seeds for more projects to see daylight.

Focus on the right order, and everything becomes effortless. Try to skip some elements or shift the order, and you’ll stare at a dry plant.

If I do an accuracy check with muscle testing on this text, I’m getting 98.5% accurate, which means that the analogy is a very good description of reality.

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Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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