We just succeeded on an operation against the Shapepshifters’ main stronghold. They were planning their next wave of attack on Earth in a few days; 5th in line after launching other attacks to other worlds.

Just to give an idea of how they care about us, they were about to send 82 huge battleships towards Earth, and over a thousand battleships to the Thetaverse Federation. They’re assaulting thousands of worlds at once. We’re just a second-thought to them.

Even if we’d survive their next wave of attack, we’d lose another 10% of our global population. That’s just not acceptable.

We just lost INNA. That one saddens me. She was one of our best grounding artists. Look at her now. She’s not going to recover.

The Thetaverse Federation already attempted 16 assaults on the Shapeshifter main stronghold generating all those armies, and they failed. This was attempt #17, and it was a success. The Thetaverse Federation was surrounding the area on stand-by with their battleships, but if we’d open a portal inside for them, the air defense systems would destroy half of the fleet within a minute.

The place was absolutely impressive: 3 giant spheres with half a million battleships around them that looked like ants. Docking areas where they’re regrouping troops to prepare waves of attacks to distribute between worlds. It’s a total dictatorial system, and 25% of them were ready to betray them if they had the chance — and here came the only opportunity they’d ever see in their lifetime.

Skipping the details, we bypassed the advanced security measures, blew up the whole place, chased after ships trying to evacuate, and then the Thetaverse Federation passed with their own impressive fleet.

Everyone was celebrating across thousands of affected worlds!

Shapeshifters are literally melting down.

We’re expecting every single one of them to physically die within 18 months. The majority between 3 and 9 months.

We’ll also be able to recover some of them.

Let’s check % shapeshifters, and % expected recovery, in:

– Canada: 45.3% — 23.5% recovery
– USA: 39.6% — 16.8% recovery
– Mexico: 25.3% — 22.1% recovery
– England: 23.7% — 18.7% recovery
– France: 22.8% — 15.6% recovery
– Germany: 25.9% — 15.3% recovery
– Finland: 15.7% — 18.9% recovery
– South Africa: 22.9% — 15.7% recovery
– Russia: 29.7% — 22.1% recovery
– India: 32.8% — 25.7% recovery
– Mainland China: 85.6% — 2.8% recovery
– Hong Kong: 25.3% — 15.6% recovery
– Taiwan: 24.9% — 15.9% recovery
– Malaysia: 37.9% — 2.7% recovery
– Thailand: 25.3% — 28.9% recovery
– Australia: 32.9% — 15.9% recovery
– Chiang Mai: 14.7% — 32.9% recovery
– Bali: 53.8% — 18.5% recovery

The recovery phase will only start in 3 months when the waves of physical deaths start.

In regards to the majority of Sophia oracles and Priestesses, alongside many coaches, who got replaced by shapeshifters…

Only about 0.5% of high-influencers will be recovered. The integration with their corrupted followers, and the continuation of business, wouldn’t go well. It’s better for their followers to jump off the ship.

The situation will be watched very closely as it unfolds.

WAIT — Mainland China: 85.6%, 2.8% recovery. That means a HUGE majority of the Chinese population would die by next year!?? Unless I’m missing something. This would mean a HUGE disruption of our production and supply chain as most of what we use in our daily lives comes from China. We’ll see…

**Note: in mainland China, of all the Immortals who recently fell into incarnation, only 2% have been taken out.

As for Sophia Oracles and Priestesses, about 3.2% will recover.

As for Canada, 96.9% of Federal employees are shapeshifters, with an expected recovery rate of 2.0%. Will we see a full collapse of the Canadian government or what, and in what time-frame?

Accuracy check on this article: 98.8%, distortion 1.3%, cross-distortion 0.2% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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