I just got back from a week of traveling. There have been so many developments lately. I will publish updates on several major topics, and first, let’s look at the geopolitical state of the Universe to understand the larger picture.

Let’s evaluate the status of various groups.

Orion Federation: It has risen back from its ashes after being destroyed 12300 years ago. Many of its strong planets had been hiding in a quarantine bubble until a few years ago. The Orion Federation is the only Federation that survived the recent invasions! Billions of guardians from other Universes have united under the Orion Federation.

Their fleet has 2.5 million ships with the most advanced technologies in our Universe. You can add to that 56 million ships from allied forces. Of which, 40 million are from other Universes. They currently have 53% control of our Universe and 86% control of the higher dimensions.

As a note, the Orion Federation follows my commands through telepathic communications.

Galactic Federation of Light: They got beaten pretty badly. They lost 26 planets. They have three ships and 312 people left. One of my friends is a top leader of the Galactic Federation of Light and they obey his commands.

From my experience, losing entire planets leave very deep wounds that are very difficult to heal. We need to keep this in mind. They are not the most emotionally stable right now.

Lemurian Federation: I cannot find them. They got destroyed. A single ship escaped with 486 people, including 235 Lemurians. They do not wish to be found for now. Lemurians are out. They can assist in the reconstruction of planets but will stay out of the war and far from Earth.

If I tune into Mt. Shasta, all I see are broken ships and broken quantum computers. There are no survivors.

Andromedian Federation (Galactic Federation): 25% of our Universe is frozen in time, which includes the whole Andromedian sector. It is very heavily corrupted and 32 planets got harvested before the freeze. This was necessary to prevent a total collapse. Most of it will remain frozen for around 50 years.

Whenever you hear channeled messages from the “Galactic Federation”, it generally comes from impostors as the Galactic Federation completely collapsed. This collapse means that many of their ships and weapons circulate in the black market.

One of my ex-friends, Marko, was the First Patriarch of Andromedia, and their first line of defense. He betrayed us all.

Solar Angels: Marko was working a lot with Solar Angels, giant beings who specialize in restructuring suns and planets. I hadn’t seen them in a long time. I just found 510 of them trapped; plus 2 impostors trapped with them. It looks like Marko trapped them himself, working with the two impostors. These 510 Solar Angels are taking a few days for recovery, disinfection, and briefing. They should be back in action tomorrow, more motivated than ever.

There is another location with 310 trapped Solar Angels, but I wouldn’t be optimistic about those. They are in extremely bad shape, and I expect only 2 to 6 of them to be saved. I’ll let the Solar Angels handle this themselves.

Avians: Of their 7 planets, 2 got destroyed and 5 isolated in quarantine.

Avians High Counsel: The high counsel contained a dozen guardians to protect our galaxy. I cannot find them except me and 2 others. 4 stayed within the quarantines. 3 got killed and 2 got heavily corrupted.

Zulu Guardians: Corey Goode is talking a lot about the Zulu guardians lately. No one in my team can find them or detect them. They are fake. Corey Goode’s information is currently corrupted at best. He’s surrounded by Men-in-Black type people. We see him in a statis tank surrounded by shadowy black/purpose octopuses. Is this a recent situation, or was he engineered and corrupted from the very beginning? Further investigation is required. I no longer take anything for granted and question everything.

Just got an update: Corey Goode was in a ship that got captured a few months ago. Of the Mayan staff, 16 got killed and 2 were imprisoned, plus Corey. That’s when his content shifted.

Pleiadian Federation: Their federation is entirely controlled by shapeshifters. We’ll wait until the shapeshifters die before looking into this. We can rely on some of their fleets but not on the federation itself.

Arcturian Federation: Part of their sector is frozen in time, and some parts remain active. That’s the domain of the Sith Lords in Star Wars. It is heavily corrupted, yet remains an important administrative center. There is an ongoing operation in the Arcturian sector. The next update will be all about that.

Positive Arcturians: I cannot find them. I’ve rarely seen them in the field. They were humorous beings and fun to interact with. I’m now wondering whether they were genuine or a facade to the Dark Acturians. I have no clear answer… 55% to 70% facade? Either way, I cannot find them anymore and got no further information.

Official Registries: There are 3 main registries of planetary ownership in our Universe: Andromedian, Arcturian, and Pleiadian. Since the main archives of Andromedia have fallen, this leaves the intergalactic legal system in disarray and wide open to corruption.

The Orion Federation has no central registry and operates in a more decentralized fashion. They look at God first and self-made laws second.

I looked at the Arcturian registry. There are 3 active claims on Earth:

1962: Draco Royal purchased Earth (from Pleiadians?)

1975: Someone in the Dark Arcturian King family claimed ownership over ancestral rights

1989: Earth deemed unclaimable by Pleiadian court decision. We’re declared savages, granting us natural reserve protection.

Neither of these claims is agreed upon nor refuted, and thus should all be considered partially active. The Pleiadian registry contains the same information. The next update will delve more in-depth into this.

Royal Dracos: Eliminated. There are no survivors. Their claim is nullified. There are perhaps 3 left on Earth but are extremely weak: Chiang Mai (Thailand), Paris (France), and Moscow (Russia).

Shapeshifters: Destroyed and 96.8% dead. They lost 99.997% of their powers. They’ll start collapsing after the next solstice on December 21st and will gradually fall during the year. They have physically replaced a large portion of our population. We expect them to all physically die within the next 18 months. Full report on shapeshifters here.

Archonic Heavens: 99.996% destroyed.

Order of the Black Sun: 76.3% destroyed. It will require intervention. Full report here.

Thoth: We recently saw some fragments of him regenerating through the Emerald Covenant, Emerald Tablets, and something else, in parallel timelines. Those texts have embedded backdoors and codes that allow Thoth to regenerate and corrupt the readers. Those must be destroyed from all timelines and dimensions to prevent him from ever coming back.

Pistis Sophia: She used to represent 76.8% of all energies in our Universe. A few weeks ago, she represented 25.4% of all energies on Earth and 99.6% of all her energies were on Earth. She keeps disintegrating. She currently represents 0.00034 of all energies on Earth, and 99.9997% of her essence is on Earth. I will post another update on this soon.

Lucifer: Many of his large fragments have been defeated. Overall, his dark fragments are 65% to 87% dead. This is a bit more complicated because his incarnated fragments control everything on Earth. If he’s killed too fast, everything will collapse.

Am I missing anything important? Post a comment if you want to evaluate another group.

More updates will be coming very soon!

Accuracy check on this report: 99.63%, distortion 0.3% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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