I think this is going to be one of the most important articles I’ve written to date, that will connect all the dots together. Think about this for a second. If you have God in your life, and you have money in your life, everything else gets taken care of. Can you think of anything that wouldn’t get taken care of?

By God, I will include all of the Inner Alchemy healing work. By Money, I will include all types of resources, although money is what gives access to 90% of all other resources. By purpose, I’m talking about the work you’re doing in this physical world.

In business, it is known that people are motivated by either of 3 things: money, lifestyle, or purpose. Now, if you set God first, Money second, and Purpose third, it finally resolves the duality between putting money or purpose first!

What happens if you place Purpose first? You see that a lot in non-profit organizations. They do a little bit of good work, and then run out of money and cannot scale their impact. If they can gain any traction at all. Many people have all the best intentions and never lift off the ground.

For years, I thought I was teaching people how to connect to their soul purpose, but years later, most are still struggling to even get started into their purpose. It wasn’t purpose we were working on, it was their connection to God and their inner healing, which in fact is always your first purpose. However, translating that healing into a purpose in the physical world is very difficult, if not impossible, without taking care of the money situation, to serve as a bridge between God and Purpose, to serve as a bridge between the internal and the external work.

Now, think about this. What happens if your project lacks money? It runs out of fuel. What if it runs out of spirit? It dies out. God and Money fuel everything else. If you have God but no Money, you won’t be able to scale and you’ll have to do everything yourself, and can’t get the support you need. What if you have Money but not God? You’ll have lots of challenges, things might look pretty but it won’t lead anywhere.

What if you have 10 million dollars of venture capital for a project to bring education into Africa and modernize their infrastructure, but exclude God from it? You may have up to 45% alignment with God’s will anyway without the direct connection, and things may work while your personal intent aligns with God’s intent or the higher spiritual laws. Things can however shift at any time and your project would then crash. Let’s say a community has a lot of karmic debts to pay off, and their destiny is headed into destruction for whatever reason, just like the leaves fall off trees during autumn, and you’re trying to override that with your personal good intents. It’s not going to work. Alignment with God without connection can work but is very fragile.

If you place God first, Money second and Purpose third, you focus on your own inner healing first, and thus are always coming from the right place with the right intent and the right guidance. Money comes second so you know how to think about money and resources to give more and receive more, and circulate energy in a larger ecosystem. Purpose comes third so you can actually step into it fully instead of just wishing you could. Don’t step into a project if it’s not going to be sustainable; that would be a big waste of everybody’s time and energy.

This also resolves the duality between passive and active spirituality. You develop your connection to God and thus develop the passive aspect, and can’t put it into actions without also developing the active side of spirituality. It thus forces you to balance out both aspects (and I don’t know of any gurus or masters who knows and teaches how to properly use both aspects, they either focus on one or the other).

Some people have resistance to placing money before purpose, and I would argue that they don’t truly understand what this God connection really means and how it impacts everything else.

Then, for energy healers and gridworkers, a lot of our work is on the energetic level to heal the planet. Yet, most of that healing on the planet is done by healing yourself, since everything is inter-connected. The focus should be on healing yourself. The way I see it, the work on the energetic is included in God, and the work in the physical is included in Purpose. From my experience, if the work isn’t done on the energetic to first clear the energies, none of the actions will work. Most of those actions also require money, especially if you want to build a team.

Now, this is a rather short article, but it is opening up a Pandora’s box. There’s so many directions we could take on from here, and so many ways it could expand. It looks like this is the direction my business is heading.

Another thing to consider. Few people have been willing to take the Royal Alchemy work seriously and invest in it. One reason is that you have all kind of other issues and preoccupations that are drawing your attention. Now, what if money was taken care of, and what if this Royal Alchemy work became the powerhouse that fuels everything else, including your job/business/projects, relationships, lifestyle and everything else? Then, it would become a much more interesting prospect; and something worth investing in.

Alright, I’ll leave it at that for now. This topic is going to expand.

Accuracy check: 99.97%, measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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