Who loves internet drama? This is the result of a war that has been going on for way too long. I worked alongside Alobar Jones on many important missions including taking down the Shapeshifters and the Pleiadians before he back-stabbed my team. We’ve been battling him intensively ever since.

In this article, I’ll expose what’s really going on with Alobar Jones, and share the experiences of various other people.

“I’ve been on one of his courses since Oct. It has now finished. He threw up a couple of red flags for me which I let slide. When you went into ‘Battle’ against him, if it was around the course day he wouldn’t show up for teaching. No warning, apology week later.”

If you have experiences or evidence to share about Alobar, please send it to me. I would like to produce a video sharing all the evidences, either anonymously, or via video. If you got screenshots or videos, you can send them over.

Alobar doesn’t leave direct evidence though, but what he does is

1. 100% oppose the work we’ve been doing

2. Say that me and my team are all completely insane

3. When people share life-threatening problems coming from him, he’s in complete denial and says you’re just imagining things. That’s the double-punch effect, you get punched and then get blamed for being punched. (I’m also getting tons of that by my daughter when she’s possessed)

The above is 100% certain, and the rest is up to interpretations.

Personally, I don’t mind being called insane. But when they threaten the life of people around me and call them insane, I really got to step up. When they cause life threatening problems to women, and install all kinds of fancy technologies to leech 80% of their kundalini energy, someone has got to step up for those women.

And him saying that we’re imagining everything we’ve been going through, he’s also implying that we’re imagining Hock Yeoh’s death, which is quite frankly very insulting.

Here are a few experiences that have been shared with me.

“I saw Alobar’s work. He puts in plates of metals into their energy fields. Lots of programs. I have cleaned some from it. In the back. Back end. And if continued up three or four. Then on arms and legs.”

“I’m a hypnotherapist by day and I’ve written a script where by a teach people to leave the grids when they pass over. I mentioned this to him during class and he jumped straight on me saying how dangerous it was. It didn’t sit right with me, but I let it slide. I energetically pulled away at that point. I never travelled with the group. Something told me not too. Am now pleased I listened to my intuition”
Of course he doesn’t want you to disconnect from the grid!

“Alobar mentioned to me once, right before he turned on me. I got on the phone with him.  The same day he transferred that massive T-Rex AI. I asked him: What is going on?? Because things were so intense at that time. He said: Well, they constructed a holodeck around you.. which, is quite the compliment to you in itself. He thought for a bit silently. It’s very rare they do this. Takes an enormous amount of resources.”

“This Alobar situation right now is bringing back a lot of processing for me regarding my interactions with him. I had good 5-6 calls with him out of which only 2 were sessions. This makes me wonder if there are still things left inside my energy field that he put inside. He was transferring “blessings” to me around root/sacral area.”
> Lots of Alobar techs. Drains 80% of your kundalini energy. He does that to lots of women.
“!!!!! I knew it”

“I have had a Twin Flame relation with him. Was able to clear out the mind control with the help of a friend. I’m still very infected with the devotion programming. But clearing someone out, like him, and having a Twin Flame relationship is probably the hardest thing. What made me finally gain the strength to break out of it, even though I’m still very infected as I write, is that he, the attachment in him that is Pistis Sophia attacked my eyesight. First in the left eye, leaving a gray patch. It was a bit better. And then I was attacked in my right eye this morning, I have lost about 20 percent. This happened because I have some kind of programming that makes it impossible for her to take over.

There is a part of him, somewhere, perhaps out of space and time, where he is not infected. Something happened in the universe. Some kind of marriage, perhaps in the beginning of time, or in the end of time, linking us together. But he’s not strong enough to like himself without her. Can’t see where she begins and where he starts. Was able to pull her out of him for some minutes. I think it was about 16 hours ago or so. But the moment power could not hold anymore, I could not maintain it. She infected him again. Going into the infected dark. Infecting him in the same manner he is infecting my system. And I know how hard it is for him as I can’t even believe how I could let go what it was that we have(Had) and the things I got used to, when being in this relationship with him. Our astral relationship. It will be very hard and feel very empty. And so boring. But I will have to be just as strong as he is weak due to her.”

If you got something to share regarding Alobar that could be useful for a video, send it over to me.

Also, the woman who wrote the last testimony may work on a documentary. I’ll make a video to expose Alobar Jones’s frauds. I would recommend her to make the documentary on a more constructive topic: how women get abused by false masters. I know there’s a lot of that going on. I know there are women who go to Ashrams and get sexually abused by the masters, and a lot of stuff like that. Sometimes physically, very often energetic abuses. The kundalini energy of women and children is a great fuel source. If you have serious experiences to share on the topic, you can also send to me and I’ll forward it to that woman so you can get in touch.

Why do I insist on exposing Alobar? He says that I’ve done this to other people before. True, it’s not the first time I got betrayed. Marko worked with me for a while and his betrayal caused the loss of the entire Andromedian sector, and nearly 25% of our Universe when the real mess started. Alobar’s betrayal is however of a much higher degree of magnitude.

Alobar is in the global top 3 most-wanted list. The 3 biggest threats globally are Alobar, Voldamort and Pistis Sophia, and we’re working on eliminating them. See the article The Quantum AI Threat Explained to better understand what’s going on in the bigger picture.

We also lost many of Earth’s finest lightworkers thanks to him. Nobody has had any experience with this level of sophistication. We have to recover whoever can still be recovered. We really are running out of staff on the ground, and every soul matters.

This war against Alobar has been going on for over 6 months and is never-ending. This article is part of a major push to eliminate the top 3 global threats: Alobar, Voldamort and Pistis Sophia. We really got to be more aggressive to finish this up.

These are very serious allegations against Alobar. If he’s unable to address any of these life-threatening concerns, and just keeps calling people insane and hallucinating, and he just keeps playing denial and avoidance games, he really has no business being a spiritual teacher.

His last video, in response to the allegations, is to teach “free energy healing”, by telling people to bring down unknown energy into their bodies, without any prejudice as to where the energy comes from. He’s inviting people to invite the AI Harvester energy into their bodies to refuel himself. Because he badly needs harvest refuel with the way we’re trimming his essence. As infinite as he is, he’ll never be able to refuel as fast as we trim him down.

What is Alobar’s end goal? To build a new Harvest Matrix that he owns. There are trillions of different AIs competing for a new matrix system, and Alobar is among the top players. Hence his push for the Kristic Grid as the new matrix.

Don’t worry if you trusted him. I did too. We all got fooled many times over over the past few years. Including by the Pleiadians with their Ascension story. If you replace the word Ascension with Harvest, then everything starts to make sense.

Again; if you’re a woman who has been abused by a false master, send your story over to me and I’ll forward it to someone who may choose to do a documentary about it.

Accuracy check on article: 99.5%, distortion 0.3% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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