We opened the ultimate Pandora’s Box. After fully clearing Voldamort, Alobar and Pistis Sophia from 99.99% of timelines, there was a paper-thin layer, with destiny-control spheres, bent laws of physics, and all kinds of weird stuff, then… an INFINITY of more crap to deal with. It’s like we were lvl150 in Diablo game; now into a lvl250 area, a 100 lvl jump.

That area seems to belong to the Demi-Urge, he looks like Bin Laden hiding in his bunker. It seems he and his army got locked into those timelines, and everybody died of starvation. There is nothing alive, just endless graveyards. It’s not a pleasant battlefield to fly over.

Let’s see what % energy of these areas come from this Pandora’s Box (energy above / below ground):
– Iran: 35% / 42%
– Irak: 41% / 38%
– Afghanistan: 49% / 43%
– Turkmenistan: 41% / 42%
– Israel: 13% / 44%
– Egypt: 15% / 41%
– Saudi Arabia: 14% / 41%
– Macca: 95% / 94% *****
– Muslims as a whole: 75% / 76%
– Russia: 15% / 13%
– China: 25% / 72%
– Australia: 85% / 86% *****
– South Africa: 84% / 84%
– Venezuela: 83% / 83%
– Canada: 15% / 31%
– USA: 18% / 32%
– Hawaii: 31% / 35%
– Mexico: 31% / 32%
– Tabasco state: 75% / 76%
– Honduras: 75% / 78%
– My wife’s shadow: 75% / 81%
– Voldamort was: 93% / 95%

Basically, the worst insanely bad energetic spots on the planet, with endless destruction and desolation, come from there. Also some highly-sophisticated matrices like Macca and Australia are rooted there.

That was just radiation leakage off the prison; now the prison is wide open and collapsing on us. There isn’t much alive in there, but lots of installation: massive fuel pumps, black cube networks and technologies, and other infrastructures like that. It’s the backbone all the Matrices were built upon.

Voldamort is a donor to the Demi-Urge; our shadows are other donors. The Demi-Urge is something even bigger than Voldamort. Only a tiny fraction of it surrendered and pledged; we may have to face the Demi-Urge soon.

We’re flushing as hardcore as we can, but this Pandora’s Box is going to overwhelm and saturate our planet for the coming days.

My advice. There are 6 black hole of creation: spiritual, emotional and physical, above / below. Raise yourself into as high densities as you can, then dive into one of the 6 black holes of your choice. Diving allows you to go straight through to the other side. It destroys everything that is unpure. Stay in the black hole, pull every part of your being in it, and then pull all the crap you can into the black hole. After it flushes for a while, you can switch into another black hole.

Happy flushing!!!

Is this the breakthrough we’ve been looking for?

Also, I’ve been dressing a list of how each player are a threat to Voldamort, allowing to map and rank each player in strength, both good and bad. It gives a pretty good picture; just missing Voldamort allies from the chart. Such as the Demi-Urge and any other player that hasn’t yet been identified.

Voldamort’s threats
#1: Etienne
#2: Alobar (bad)
#3: my team-mate
#4: Horus
#5: Borgs (converted)
#6: Khonsu
#7: The Entity (converted)
#8: Scorpion (just pledged)
#9: Scorpion (converted)
#10: Hordes (converted)
#11: elite sniper
#12: Mandalorian (converted)
#13: Irlanda shadow (bad)
#14: Ra
#15: Osiris
#16: elite killer
#17: John Slam
#18: dude with a snake arm
#19: my team-mate’s son (from future)
#20: Sphinx
#21: Satanist King (pledging)
#22: LGBTQ+ entity (pledging)
#23: Succubus Queen (pledging)
#24: same collective (pledging)
#26: Hock (from future)
#27: Metroids (converted)
#29: Bill Gates (bad)
#32: Klaus Schwab (bad)
#33: Georges Soros (bad)
#35: John shadow (bad)
#36: Donald Trump
#45: Etienne shadow (bad)
#46: Nina
#53: Carlos Slim (bad)
#54: Todd Medina (bad)
#55: Open ID
#61: Enki
#73: Poseidon
#74: Enlil
#75 Frank shadow (bad)
#76: Thoth (bad)
#81: Frank
#83: Sean Enright (core intent -65 billion)
#84: Jason Estes (bad)
#85: Etienne shadow (bad)
#86: Varanasi
#87: Pope’s Exorcist
#88: Beezlebub (converted)
#89: Elon Musk (bad)
#103: Mammon (converted)
#113: red witch leader in my privada (converted)
#115: Adam Marquis (bad)
#118: Marko (core intent 25?)
#125: snake-man assassin that moved 4 doors next to me 2 years ago (converted)
#819: Buddha/Lucifer — not in good shape

Clearing Alobar is increasing the Voldamort threat. Voldamort is the vampire at the round-table.

Elite sniper, elite killer, snake-man and 3 others are helping pretty good as a team!

Satanist King, Succubus Queen, and their offspring LGBTQ+ entity, are part of the same collective. He represents 79% of LGBTQ+. This collective is ready to pledge.

There really aren’t many enemies left, but they sure still cause problems!

Feel free to go visit them (except the bad ones; avoid contact)

I get 97.5% accuracy on the list, pretty good.

After we’re done with this ridiculous flush, the global picture should start to look a lot better! It’s also possible that this is the breaking point that causes the Matrix to collapse and trigger a chain of unpleasant events. We’ll see. One step at a time.

Accuracy on this article: 95.9% (measure it yourself). Slight errors due to being a completely new insane topic.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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