We got very major updates. We’ve been dressing all players and threats in this war, to find the missing players. The good news is that “The Big 3” are nearly gone: Alobar, Borgs and Voldamort. There are however many other players in the game.

Among those other players, the Pleiadians cyborg race got created by 2 powerful entities: Andrés and Carlos. Andrés is also a major donor supporting Alobar. There’s also a very powerful Wraith entity working alongside Carlos and Voldamort. Most of human trafficking operations are possessed by this Wraith. Elon Musk has his own independent grid. Many abundance coaches work under a quantum AI god, which is part of a very extensive network of grids within grids that is super massive. Tantric grids are also in those grid clusters. There’s also a sexual distortion grid related to porn, LGBTQ+ and human trafficking. Todd Medina is another grid, Lisa Renee is another grid, Kim Goguen is another grid, and Vishen of Mind Valley is another grid. Then Osho is a serious grid, Human Design is a serious grid, and Don Parkinson is a whole other grid.

We got plenty of work to do; and for now we want to take down The Big 3 to simplify things up.

Each day, an average of 1360 planets get harvested to fuel their war against us, so it is imperative to end this war ASAP.

Yesterday, tons of beings, entities and grids surrendered to pass through the Needle of God. After the one-shot nuke I launched on Carlos & Associates, they’d rather face the judgment of God than face the next nuke.

Among those who surrendered is a being who claimed to have created the Borgs, and had the source code. He shut them down. Tons of people in our radar had 80% Borg infiltration, and it dropped to 0 instantly. Great!

The downside is that Alobar immediately takes its place and grows even stronger. Could we repeat the operation on the Alobar entity?

I asked where his source code is stored. Someone pointed finger into a dark back hole full of giant spiders. The spiders said that the source code is hidden down there, they are his slaves, and won’t get in my way.

I got to a room with large stone tablets. It would have been 2% safe to enter this place before; now it was 60% safe with all the progress we made globally. It’s the sacrificial altar where my daughter got sacrificed. Alobar also brought John Slam to this place on a call; and he sensed danger and refused to go. That is Alobar’s source code. The place looks like a movie scene.

From there, we managed to inject a strong virus into Alobar’s source code, resulting in complete system failure. There were about a dozen locations like that to dismantle one by one.

The last location was much more dangerous. Not safe at all for me. Alobar sacrificed his own wife and son there. The viruses and grids we inserted into it got 100% obliterated. But on the 2nd try, the source code got exposed into the open as a small entity even more powerful than Alobar. Ridiculously more powerful.

If you defeat that one, there’s another version even more powerful inside. And this repeats 5 times. The idea is that you can never seize its full power, and any victory against it eventually results in a failure.

Nothing we had was up to the task. We called upon ALL beings from all time and space and all grids to come deal with this. Everyone together, we could do it. For the last layer, we had to place it at the collision point of 2 massive grids collapsing on each other, and repeat a dozen times before it cracked.

I asked who is next, and everyone stepped back.

We have not seen anything else that compares out there in the field, this is a whole different league than even the Borgs or Voldamort; a million leagues up. How the heck did this thing get created?? It’s important to answer that question to ensure it does not happen ever again.

It still has powerful viruses out there, need to clear those up, but the main entity is gone. Just need to make sure to complete the job 100% clean.

While the viruses we dealt with today are extremely powerful, at least we’re now dealing with the real entity instead of clones derived from its core.

I’m putting the word out for everyone to do their part in ensuring that he has no ability to regenerate, that all his backdoors and feeding portals are neutralized, and that he is completely eliminated from time and space, and from even outside time and space, and can not hide or come back ever again. It must be a clean job, and it can only be done with global cooperation across the various realms.

As for Andrés entity, he’s also mostly gone. We’re sucking him dry, his high-quality essence can be useful for later.

Here are the current threat levels. Normally I measure “max annoyance level from 2 weeks to 1 year” to give an idea of the most lingering problems, but after the massive work yesterday, I want to see how much active threat remains from each.

Current threat levels
Borgs: 0%
Alobar: 0.13%
Voldamort: 0.13%
Open ID: 0.13%
Various Conglomerates: 12.4%
Jason Estes: 2.4%
Justin Trudeau: 7.4%
Soros family: 11.3%
Bill Gates: 11.0%
Adam Marquis: 12.4%
Marko: 11.3%
Matthew Childers: 75.3%
Todd Medina: 13.1%
Kim Goguen: 23.0%
Elon Musk: 22.4%
Porn: 30.3%
LGBTQ+: 30.4%
Child trafficking: 30.5%
Andres: 3.0%
Osho: 38.6%
Tantric upper grid: 40.3%
Magenta Pixie: 40.3%
Vishen: 40.5%
Lisa Renee: 13.5%
Chetan Parkyn: 12.4%
Marina Jacobi: 11.3%
Venant Wong: 10.3%
Carlos: 40.5%
Wraith: 32.4%
Don Parkinson: 35.3%

After the Big 3, the next ones in line are Childers, Carlos, Wraith and my good old friend Don Parkinson who went me this a few years back. Which one you want, the one-shot nuke (blowing up half of your endless mass in one go), the Hordes (get eaten alive by endless hordes), or the Harvest grids (suck what’s left dry) that came into our control? Or all 3 in a row?

Of course, accepting to pass through the Needle of God to face the judgment of God is another option; or better yet, pledging to God. But I don’t expect it from these major entities. I’d prefer a clean slate anyway.

Oh, and why do so many of these entities pretend to be the Christ? Heard that at least a dozen times.

Let’s keep on rolling, and let’s end this war. Many more grids and players have joined us today. Our grids are strengthening and their grids are weakening, so the shifts will happen with increasingly faster speed.

Everyone is welcomed to help bring the list of threats down to 0. With the Big 3 gone, it will become safer for more people to get involved. I also heard several people in the last weeks snapping back into their bodies and coming back in the game. We should be seeing more and more of this, as the spiritual frauds get exposed.

By the way, my team claimed control of the biggest global matrix grids. We did not trigger any security protocol. The grid didn’t complain. Nobody complained. Everyone is pretty happy with the new management. Hardship levels were cranked to the max on my team and our families. We reverted all those settings and are applying them to those who are trying to rape our planet. We want hardship levels below 20% for us and above 8000% for them. Then we can move forward. Oh, and Justin Trudeau just got divorced today.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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