I got the creepiest and weirdest report for today. We went exploring some side roads in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Something wanted us to see this in the middle of nowhere. Dirt road was wet and it made no sense to keep driving there.

Psychics will particularly appreciate looking at the unusual energies through the pictures.

Huge vultures at the entrance of a portal. We arrived to what had to be seen.

And… wait… bone remains spread over the road!?? The long bone on the right, enlarged in the lower-right corner, appears to be human. I’d say a mix of cow and human bones. I’m not sure on the cow part.

Strangely, you only find bones BEFORE the portal, and you only see vultures AT the portal. Once you pass through, there are no bones to be seen. But it feels like a dream, everything feels like an illusion.

After the portal, by placing special glasses to see through the illusions… all we could see is blood and bones everywhere. Thousands of corpses that were killed… 1300 years ago? It was like driving over piles of corpses. With arms coming off the ground and trying to grab us. Everything else feels fake. Here’s some more bones.

On the way out, you see neither vultures nor bones until you arrive back to the portal. This portal seems to have brought us into a different planet that was destroyed a long while ago, and is being used to mirror our planet. However, this portal has been there for a very long time, ever since our planet existed. I’m measuring 98.4% accuracy on this paragraph.

On the way out (picture above), there were 2 gates. Vultures were waiting at the first gate entering the portal, then we were inside the portal for ~150m where we saw a lot of bones, then vultures again at the second gate leaving the portal. It’s interesting to watch its structure. It’s not just a hole you pass through, but rather, an elongated passage that gradually transfers you between two worlds.

We crossed 3 people on that road. The first one seemed traumatized, something happened to him and he was leaving hastily. Second one went in, and we saw him come out later, energetically dead, some entity took over his body. We crossed the 3rd one right over the bones, and he didn’t seem to see any bones at all. Were we the only ones able to see the bones? Muscle-test this one and post your observation in the comments.

After the portal, the people physically look normal, but they are non-humans. Everyone has a very aggressive alien energy and reptilian DNA.

There were 3 people doing construction at the end of the road; non-humans again. The picture below is the end of the road. Something is hiding there. I’m seeing a pile of corpses nearby, and a beast. The 3 people there are feeding the beast. We didn’t stop to look further, but simply took a picture and left. The 3 men could be dangerous.

As we were driving into this world, there was a man watching us from the left side of the road, and a beast watching us from the right side.

Before the portal, there was that other fork on the road (picture below). I was measuring 5% probability to come back out unharmed, and 35% to come back at all. Let’s skip this one… but what’s there??

After leaving the portal, we didn’t come back into our world. On the main roads, only 3% of people were human; people who got lost through those portals.

There was one more place to see. Driving up on Colosio, approaching the paid highway, there is this on the left-side of the road. There’s a beast hiding there. What is this? I’m asking the question to all the psychics out there. Post what you see in the comments.

Right as we saw this here, we got passed by this truck. Yucky energy… most definitely carrying animal and human remains!! We drove back from this place real quick otherwise weird things could happen to us, and I wanted to catch this truck for a picture and to see his plaque.

Still remains the issue that… 2.8% of people here are human, and drivers are very aggressive. This really started to feel like the movie Inception. It feels like you’re in a dream, and you can’t tell what is reality and what isn’t. Eventually, people start watching you because they can sense the disturbance in the matrix that you cause. Time to get out.

Somehow, Plaza Americas, the mall where I often go, was protected and contained more humans, so we drove there. We passed through another portal entering the mall, coming back to a reality closer to ours. People in the mall had a DNA 35% closer to ours, that felt safer.

We went to eat… the idea was to go back to the places we usually go to in order to come back closer to our reality. Eating at a new restaurant would cause us to remain more stuck into this parallel world. We left the mall through the other side, passing through another portal. The people now had their DNA 55% closer to ours. Walking around the building, we passed another large portal, and the DNA was 72% closer to ours, and by the time we got back home, it was 75%.

As of writing this, we’re only 81% back into our timeline, so this isn’t over yet. We “should” merge back into our timeline tomorrow morning, but a bit of help would also be appreciated, just in case.

Here’s a little bonus from the other day. I’ve been posting various pictures on Facebook, and this one is particularly interesting. We’re being pursued by non-human shapeshifters who can teleport. Curiously, those who teleport mostly pursue us in specific places such as the supermarket (several times in a row) and the internet company office (both times we went there). Last time we went to the supermarket, there’s a new group attacking Earth and they were at least 12 non-humans chasing us down at the supermarket. All shapeshifting into tall people. We left before they could implant an energetic virus. Once we leave the supermarket to go to the food court, they follow us and watch but don’t attempt anything.

The other day, another group teleported into the supermarket to pursue us. We spent 5 minutes running through the supermarket chasing one down. It was very interesting to observe. As we got closer, the energetic planes got weird and malleable, and he was sliding between planes to pop up elsewhere. He appears as a woman, slides between planes, re-appears as a man, slides again and shows up elsewhere. I eventually found him and took a picture. Very aggressive non-human energy that can give a serious headache.

This is the best picture of a non-human shapeshifter I’ve ever seen. The other day before, another one teleported behind me at the internet company office… we all had to wait outside and just a few people can go inside. How could he be behind me inside if he was nowhere to be seen outside? He said a few words to the security guy to hypnotize him, and I kept some distance. That one at the internet office had a belly much bigger than this one here.

One final note. When they teleport, nobody will ever see them appear or disappear. Your vision gets blurry as they create a gap of attention for them to slip through. It “might” be possible to catch them on security camera if nobody is watching the screen.

That’s quite a lot to take in, and I thought it would be best to share these experiences with as many people as possible.

There are several more things to explore, such as 3 of the pictures I posted. Take the time to meditate and please share what you find in the comments!

Accuracy check: 99.0% (measure it yourself!)

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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