I was pondering about why many people will not go through the process of building a deep soul foundation when I show them a direct path to it. Here’s the answer. Building a soul foundation of your life requires removing the existing foundation. If your current foundation in life is giving you some level of success, this is the most difficult thing for you to let go of. In other words, a successful foundation blocks you from reaching a greater level of success. Or, as one of my mentors said, the very thing that brings you success in the first part of your life is what holds you back in the next part of your life.

For example, if you are a very goal-driven person, get things done and have a lot of success this way, your intellect may be controlling and restricting your soul alignment instead of supporting it. Because of the success this brings you, it would be difficult to let go of that pattern and it would prevent you from stepping into a greater soul purpose and living a more fulfilling life. Or, if you are playing by social unspoken rules which brings you a great level of success, this very foundation of conformity into the system would prevent you from connecting more deeply into your soul, truth and purpose.

Building a deeper foundation requires unmaking the current social, cultural and personal foundations, and it allows you to build a much taller building,  lifestyle and purpose. When it comes to core fears and traumas, they are part of your foundation and you will easily let them go, although sometimes your self-identity can be wrapped around them. And then, every fixed mental pattern bringing you success also has to be removed. A soul foundation is very stable and solid, and there is nothing fixed and rigid in it. It is fluid, like water. Cyclical thoughts patterns, whether positive or negative, have to be removed to reach that level of fluidity and flow.

If you try to make the transition and bump into something you’re not willing to let go of, you may fall into denial and avoidance and it is very difficult to move forward from there. The key is to be aware of these successful patterns, to confront them and to seek a deeper truth. That is the only path to live a greater life in full alignment with your soul.

Post a comment below to answer these 2 questions. What fixed patterns are currently bringing you success? How are these successful patterns limiting you? Awareness is the key. Seek a deeper truth.

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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