If you don’t know what is the Global Information Network, you can listen to their free Your Wish Is Your Command training here. Talking of which, it would be good for me to go through those audios again. (use the Video Speed Controller plugin to play at 1.3x or 1.5x speed)

To get to the point, I’m writing this now because GIN has a promotion right now to join for $150 instead of $497, and then with the usual $150/month payments ONLY UNTIL APRIL 31ST (extended until May 31st)… in a few days. Someone was asking to join under me… but my account is inactive. If I’d have just 4 people joining below me, I could reactivate my account and it wouldn’t cost me anything. Let me know if you’d like to join.

Edit: You can use this link to join

Kevin Trudeau was fighting against the Deep State and after 15 years of legal battles, they eventually won and threw him in jail for 10 years for saying in his book that the cure is easy, he sold 12 million copies of it, and the judge read it and said it wasn’t that easy. I wrote about what then happened to the Global Information here. The only event I went to was in Washington the day before he went to jail.

Fast-forward many years, Kevin Trudeau will get out of jail soon, and his energy is stronger than ever. He needed this time-off to let go of attachments and to sharpen his spiritual sword, and his energy says that he did a great job at that.

Doing an energy reading on him now, while he’s still in jail:
– Overall frequency on Hawkins Scale: 1418
– Integrity (Personal/Relational/Society): 98.4%/94.7%/99.6%
– Core intent: 28 quadrillion
– 95.8% alignment of actions with God, 92.6% alignment of being with God
– Balance of 50.5% White spiritual light and 49.5% Red light of creation (I’ll write an article about that soon)

(you can get your own full energy reading here)

He’s in better shape than ever. Something more I saw: there’s 28% probability of having him as president of the USA in 2028!?? There are lots of possible timelines though.

So, about the Global Information Network, if you’d like to join before April 31st 2020 (in just a few days), then the registration fee is only $150 instead of $497, and you get a recurring 20% for each other person you refer. If 4 more people tell me they want to join, then I’ll reactivate my account.

(I’ve set myself a rule that I can go to events and stuff but it has to be an income-generating activity instead of always spending money)

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