So, the guarantee with the God & Money Masterclass is that you’ll earn back your investment as NEW income within 9 weeks. A legit question would be: is this guarantee too strong?

If someone from Nigeria or Zambia joins, who are in very difficult living situations, taking from the little money they have to feed their family, will the God & Money process be able to deliver for them within 8 weeks?

With 6 payments of $64, they’d only have sent 3 payments by the time the guarantee expires so that would be $192 paid and $192 of new income as the promise. Then, the guarantee is to credit the investment towards other services for extra support and not a money-back so they’d still have to do their payments.

Then, Africa is energetically in VERY bad shape, so much so that I’m not even touching it. Will it deliver in that context in 8 weeks? I don’t know, but it will cause a major transformation to unfold across the continent, that’s for certain. If a person in such a difficult situation takes a leap of faith to invest what would be the equivalent of $500 per month in the US, and the results take more time to manifest into tangible money, then I think it’s just fair to offer them the guarantee.

By offering such a strong guarantee on the results for a product like this, I’m really putting skin in the game.

So far, the effects have been explosive but the results have been pretty smooth for most. Several people saw a stable income showing out of nowhere. Then, hell broke loose for a few.

Do I think I can deliver on that guarantee? If I tune into it, I’m seeing 65% succeed (which is very HIGH!), and of the remaining 35%, 15-20% would qualify for the guarantee by having done the work, which would be credited towards other services. I think that’s reasonable.

For those who faced challenges in the beta program, it has to do with the amount of dysfunctional internal programs getting in the way. 2 energetic measurements that are relevant here are their core intent, and their compatibility with the God & Money process, so I will do these 2 readings on everyone near the beginning. There is no breakthrough without breakdown, but I will look for ways to soften that transition and avoid getting stuck in it.

Then, for the beta program, I was purposely doing the process with them very slowly because I knew the effects would be very explosive on a global level. Now, I’m getting the message that we need to go fast for this run.

Here’s a situation we’ve been dealing with lately. We’re eliminating negative ET groups, and another group comes in through time travel to fill the power vacuum, so we kept eliminating those groups one after the other. This situation will remain until Lightworkers start filling the power vacuum.

Global structures are crumbling right now. The energetic space is wide open to go forward with the God & Money manifestation process. However, we’ll need to go quickly so that we build things up faster than the old structures collapse. That’s the message I’m getting.

So yes, I’ll stand by that guarantee, and we’ll be moving forward a lot faster and more powerfully than in the beta run that was just preparing the space for this.

The God & Money Masterclass is for those who want a more abundant life while genuinely serving God and are willing to leave behind anything that could get in the way.

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Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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