Earth has been assaulted many times already, and there’s yet another wave coming. Planet Earth is the most heavily-guarded stronghold in this whole Universe and 4 Universes above right now. We’ll be ready. I’m writing this so you know what’s coming and what’s happening so that you can prepare.

Now, the Universe is relatively stable with the Orion Federation and AnPleiLe Alliance in control of most of the Universe. The Reptilians went back to the Draco belt and will be left alone. There’s another 4.6% which we knew little about who didn’t join the Alliances. This is where this is coming from.

A guy appeared out of nowhere in Europe, knocked on someone’s door, and asked if he knew me Etienne Charland. The guy drank a whole can of coke and crashed asleep on the sofa, sleeping the whole days and waking up in periods of 5-10 minutes. It looks like he came from far away. Turns out an Elder had already told the host of this guest’s arrival. Tuning into this guy’s energy, he really makes me think of Avallac’h in The Witcher books and games. His host then Googled my name, found me and reached out.

I still haven’t been able to talk with him because he’s still knocked out from his travel and sleeping whole days, but he’s carrying a war with him. It looks like he came here seeking refuge from what he calls the Aracnadash. I already had a few interactions with these mage scepters. They have extremely high-level knowledge and it’s very difficult to communicate with them. I asked some powerful beings from the Theta Universe and they said they are very tricky and dangerous, bringing death and destruction wherever they go. I was also warned from future timelines that they have weapons unlike anything we’ve seen before.

A battle is just about to break out in 2 days. The threat severity level can either be high or low depending on how we’re handling this. These mage scepters really make me think of the wild hunt in The Witcher.

The Witcher story is based on Slavic mythology. At 10:25, he talks about the Wild Hunt and its origins in the Slavic mythologies. One thing he mentions: “they cannot be killed because their souls are hidden.” From my interaction with them, their energies are like clouds.

Security protocols have been activated, and all defenses will be ready. Their only chance of winning is striking straight at Gaia’s core, which is what the last wave of attacks from upper Universes tried go do. This has no chance of happening.

What can you expect? Lots of people will have nightmares and dark nights of the soul. I’m expecting the war to break out Saturday (7th) afternoon EST.

Your connection to the Earth may also become very unstable. The First Patriarch of Andromedia recommends this meditation:

  • Draw golden lines from your feet chakras
  • Go to the Earth’s core
  • Take one golden seed
  • Put it on your earth chakra and let it grow into a glowing ball surrounding your root chakra
  • Shower Gaia’s heart with golden flame

I recommend not to plan much during these days and to get plenty of rest.

This is the heads-up, stay safe.

Accuracy check: … 99.7%? That is unusually high for this sort of information. Measure it yourself.

Etienne Charland, Emergence Guardian
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