The 3rd hand-crafted ring is ready: 18g of 22-carat gold with a 24-carat ruby. My own Master Alchemist ring looks like a baby in comparison to this. That’s a $3000 ring that went for only $1870. (This ring model is only available for those learning high-level Alchemy 1-on-1 with me)

You can see some of the other custom-crafted rings here. They’re absolutely gorgeous. And underpriced. This is OK for launch as we’ll build a nice collection of custom hand-crafted rings, and after January 1st, crafting prices will go up 20%.

Also, all large 20-carat gems on copper base are 20% OFF! Silver-crafting is not required with those, so you can get your own Alchemy ring for as low as $104 for Yellow Topaz and $136 for 20-carat Amethyst. Or, you can get a natural 8-11ct Garnet, natural 19-27ct Amethyst, or even a natural aquamarine crafted on a gold or white gold ring with your own favorite design.

Rings are available at all price ranges based on your taste and budget (and gender).

Christmas is coming soon! A pink sapphire ring would make a gorgeous gift for your girlfriend, or a red garnet ring would make a gorgeous gift for your boyfriend. This is an uncommon and hard-to-find gift that is sure to make everyone smile. It takes about a week for crafting and 5 days for shipping via DHL, so you can get it for Christmas but it has to be done now.

In addition, the Winter Solstice on December 21st always marks a very important energetic shift and transition, followed by the holiday season where global energies are a lot lighter and more flexible. The Christmas holiday season is where the biggest energetic shifts of the year happen. These rings, with their very high energetic frequency, will serve as a catalyst to make the most of that shift so you can start the new year on a roll and make it your best year ever. 2020 is the year where real leaders will emerge. This might be you, and these rings might be the support you’ll need.

Enough for now. All hand-crafting 20% OFF until January 1st, and then prices will go up.

View our selection of custom-crafted rings for men and women here!

Christmas is coming fast. Enjoy the holiday season! (no snow yet in Thailand)

Accuracy check: 100%

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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