Everyone who got jabbed has problems with micro blood clots, and unfortunately, only the more severe cases get acknowledged. It is mostly caused by graphene that got injected into their bloodstream. Why did they inject graphene??

It is the hardware of a computer system that plugs people into a quantum AI hive mind system. We’ve been battling that AI hive mind system for 4 years, and it’s now mostly destroyed. Remains the wreckage to cleanse from people’s bodies.

Using muscle-testing, I checked many different methods out there that people promote. Most ranked below 5% effective. Surprisingly, celery juice is actually quite effective at detoxing graphene and micro blood clots!

I also found that the cordyceps oil or syrup formula that we sell is highly effective! But only our formula (syrup is pitch-black; oil is even more concentrated). Cordyceps from other providers isn’t much more effective than celery juice. We do not know what gets extracted with our method that is so effective. It will probably take many years for science to be able to explain that; if ever.

Here’s my full analysis of how to detox graphene from your body. I highly recommend trying that on jabbed people around you without explanation.

By the way, it might look like nothing, but the few products I’m offering require 6 different masters working together to deliver, each with exceptional skills in their respective areas. I got 3 different oil providers, plus a master jeweler, kung fu/qigong master, and myself. That way we get the best of the very best. Our supplier produced the cordyceps oils and syrups with 3x the concentration only for us. I’ll also have chaga syrup and reishi syrup, also with 3x concentration (prices to be confirmed). Crown chakra has 5x the concentration from what that provider normally produces. My kung fu teacher wants to FEEL it right away.

With other products, how many drops do you need to feel the effect without a doubt? With natural cordyceps oil, 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop in the afternoon on the tongue is enough. With immunity oil or daoist crown chakra oil, just smell it and you’ll feel the effect on your brain right away. You shouldn’t have to use oils and supplements for months while wondering whether it helps or not.

Next, here’s a cool idea. Many years ago, I published the Book Accuracy List. It really helps to put the various books and knowledge out there into a more objective perspective. As for the supplements industry, I’m hearing a lot of complaints, both from consumers and producers, because most products out there are ineffective at best. How about producing a Supplements Efficiency List? I’ll take all the major companies and measure their 3 best-sellers. That could definitely be helpful! I don’t mind listing “competitors” because I’m not there to compete. I’m focusing on offering products that simply aren’t found in the West.

Accuracy check: 97.9%, distortion 0.3%, 0.2%, 0.1% (measure it yourself). Pretty good for the very bold claims about detoxing graphene! Remains to be tested in practice. Note: cordyceps is not effective for heavy metal detox; only for graphene, according to my tests. Why? Ask God!

Etienne Charland, Soul Foundation Architect
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